A Chibi D&D Party Pin Collection!

A Chibi D&D Party Pin Collection!

A cute collection of all of the D&D classes in a variety of species. each of the designs will have the class in the middle of the pin as a chibi and will look like a badge/medal.
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The Story

Welcome to my first BackerKit campaign!

This project aims to fund the manufacturing of the Chibi D&D Party pins that I have designed, along with some special gold foiled art prints of the characters.

My name is Jess of JellyJessBeans and you can find me on Instagram for more designs and art I make, or my other Social Media for everything else. I have experience making enamel pins previously and I am very excited to work on these cuties! You can check out my design process and information about the pins and their characters on my Instagram and TikTok. Thank you so much for taking a moment of your time to look at my campaign!

(No AI was used in the creation of the designs, thank you for supporting a human artist!) 

We have quite the crew in our adventuring party! check out their full illustrations below along with a little bit about them and their classes. 


This project aims to fund the manufacturing of the below pins. The pins are all hard enamel and gold plated, at approx. 2.75 inches tall (my largest pin designs so far!). They will have two pin posts and come with rubber clutches and will be sent with backer cards that are custom designed for the set.

In the line-up below you can see the pin artwork of each of the characters that will be sent to the manufacturer. Below them is the backer card design. The cards will be roughly 3.75 inches tall.

Below the backer card you will see the set of illustrations that are going to be available as well. They will be 8 inch x 10 inch art prints with gold foil detailing to make them really stand out. 

Each print will be 8 x 10 inches with the border designs and class names being gold foil


The initial funding target for the pins is around $800 each so total we are shooting for about $4,800 which allows me to fund the manufacturing, shipping and fees on the 6 pins and their foiled art prints! If this goal is exceeded I will set up some fun stretch goals for us all to work towards unlocking. For those of you who are curious about how the costs get broken down or where the money goes here is a rough breakdown:

Pin Production: ~60%
Fulfilment and Shipping: ~30%
Backerkit/Transaction Fees: ~10%

Thank you for looking over my campaign! If you can't back the project right now, sharing this campaign on social media is a great help! I'll be posting updates here and on Instagram!
Whether you pledge before or after they are unlocked doesn't matter, but you may miss out on the Early Bird specials if you wait too long! At the end of the campaign, regardless of when you pledged, you will be able to choose between any of the pins that we have unlocked.

March 28: BackerKit campaign starts

April 27: Campaign ends, surveys are sent out soon after.

Early May-ish: Funds received from BackerKit and manufacturing can begin.

Late June-ish: Pins are finished! They are sent to me for grading (quality check) and packaging.

Early July: Your pins are sent to you!

These are all estimates and due to international delivery, the pins to myself, or to your home may be delayed.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them! If you just need further clarification on something, feel free to contact me or leave a comment! You can get in touch with me through the Kickstarter messaging platform or via social media.

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