Creature Feature Quarterly Vol.2 for use with Mork Borg

Creature Feature Quarterly Vol.2 for use with Mork Borg

17 new monsters for your Mork Borg game. Every entry is crafted to give you an interesting monster you can use in your game. Each includes Tactics, Lore, Seeds and Loot ideas. Every monster also features Paper Mini Designs and VTT Tokens.
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Creature Feature Quarterly Vol.2 for use with Mork Borg

I released my first monster zine for Mork Borg back in June of 2021. If you're new to Mork Borg, you can check out a ton of free content here: There's even a FREE Barebones Edition you can find here:

Since my first zine, I've updated the look and format of my Mork Borg compatible monster material. Each monster gets two pages. One has stats and the facing page is an artsy size comparison piece you can flash to your players. These have been generated over on my Patreon as cards. I've also been uploading them to DriveThruRPG as time allows. I try to create at least 8 different color/texture variations per creature. Of course, only one version of each can make it into the zine. Check out some samples below.

Some of the pages are rotated to make best use of the page. It might look wonky here, but once you've got a printed version in your hands, it's pretty cool (especially with the full bleed art).

Here are some flip-throughs of recent zines in this format. The first is an updated version of Volume 1. The video shows an A4 sized printshop edition. I plan to add this as an A5 POD option (right now there is no POD available) as a stretch-goal.

This one is from my most recent zine project. Monsters for Cy_Borg. I think it turned out pretty cool. The POD should be available to general public in a few weeks.

I'll also be including color versions of the Paper Mini Designs and VTT Tokens (with the digital version) on DriveThruRPG. There will be at least 4 different colored versions for each Paper Mini Design and VTT Token. Here are some samples:

You can find links to (and FREE samples) of my stuff via my Linktree:



Thanks to everyone that got this one over the finish line! I think we might have time to STRETCH... maybe? (Also, did you see the new ADD-ONS?)

If this one can reach $300 I'll make Volume 1 of the same series available as an at-cost POD to ALL backers.
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