Turkeys on Telegraph

Turkeys on Telegraph

A collection of pins celebrating the Wild Turkeys of Berkeley, CA.
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πŸ¦ƒ Meet the Turkeys πŸ¦ƒ

Turkeys on Telegraph pins are 1.5" black nickel-plated hard enamel pins. We are using industry-standard practices to produce quality, long lasting, and wearable pins.

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Why Turkeys?

Hi, we're Justine and Max. And we're here to share with you our favorite turkeys from our favorite town in enamel pin format.

Our love of turkeys started over five years ago when we first moved into our home in Berkeley, CA. We were initially confused (and honestly a little afraid) to learn that these sizeable birds roam the streets of our city in large gangs. They hang out in front yards, parks, and gas stations. They stop traffic on busy roads as they trot across at a leisurely pace. In essence, they run this town and they know it.

After getting to know these gaggles of gobblers, we started to really appreciate how much joy they bring to us and our community. Even though it's almost a routine sight, looking out your window to see a group of 10+ giant birds roaming about your street never quite loses its novelty.

We've also gotten to know Berkeley better over these past five years. The city is unique and vibrant with a long history of counterculture and intellectualism that makes it an endlessly interesting place to live. Telegraph Ave is one of several iconic Berkeley streets, giving way to the name Turkeys on Telegraph.

Our pins are an ode to both the city and its gobbling gangs. For lack of a better phrase, we're dressing the turkeys as iconic aspects of Berkeley culture. We hope you enjoy.

Who are we?

Max and Justine live in Berkeley, California with their two dogs (Buzz and Wally), one cat (Dot), and a boy named Wesley.Β  They moved to Berkeley in 2019.

Justine (Principal Artist) is a serial hobbyist, aspiring master birder, technical writer, loving mom, and Rubik's Cube collector. Turkeys on Telegraph is the second time her creative works have been produced, with the first being in 2016 when Max's sister stole a picture she drew of Buzz and made it into a sticker. It's still on the back of Max's phone to this day.

Max (Button Pusher) is a software engineer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, and budding train Dad. He can't sing, dance, draw, act, or keep a beat of any kind, which is most likely why he co-founded BackerKit in 2012.


Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the fulfillment survey.

Right now, we estimate shipping to be ~$6 to the US, and $18 for international orders, but we will confirm final pricing when we get closer to shipping.



Here's an estimated timeline:

  • March 28th: Campaign begins
  • April 18th: Campaign ends
  • April 29th - May 13th: Survey period
  • May-June: Pin production begins
  • August: Pins arrive and go through QA
  • August-September: Fulfillment begins

Surveys must be filled out within the survey window to guarantee you get your pins. We'll keep backers updated with our regular milestones as well as any delays we might face during production.

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