Pocket Birds: Enamel Pin Collection

Pocket Birds: Enamel Pin Collection

A collection of my favorite Pokémon birds as enamel pins!
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Pintopia 2024

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


Hi, I’m Karen Alleluia ✨ I'm a full-time illustrator who can’t stop drawing woodland creatures~ I draw everything from foxes to raccoons, bears, and birds and I put them up for sale through my art business, kluia!

This campaign is unique because I was invited to join several artists for BackerKit’s Pintopia 2! 🎉 With this opportunity, I knew I wanted to try something new: fan art! I usually create fan art for my friends or for fun, so anything beyond a simple illustration feels like a high-risk investment for my art business. However, I have always wanted to create a Pokémon pin collection so I decided to release it here as a passion project and I'm very excited to finally share it with you!

If you can help me make my first Poké collection by backing this project, you'll get exclusive items, freebies, and BIG discounts! Scroll down for all the juicy details~ Thank you for supporting my creative journey!! 🥳


This pin collection is full of my favorite Pocket Birds! Each pin will be made of hard enamel and plated gold, along with two backing posts, a back stamp, and colored rubber stoppers to match the designs. Here are the main designs we have unlocked in this campaign~


Mystery Pocket Birds are available as Add-ons when you pledge to this campaign~ These Pocket Bird stretch goals deviate from the main collection because they give us more of a story with their body language and interactions!


Legendary Pocket Birds are available as exclusive Add-ons when you pledge to this campaign! They will include glitter and screen-printed details with special backing cards. The Pintopia pin exclusive is not available as an Add-on, but will automatically be added to your package if you pledge to this campaign and my Pintopia partners' campaign (scroll down to Pintopia)~


Here's a rough timeline of what you can expect when you pledge to this campaign! These dates were made from my experience of working several crowdfunding campaigns, however please understand that there are many unexpected factors that can cause delays. This can include manufacturing issues or personal illness, but I will make sure you're in the loop about any hiccups along the way and ensure that you receive your goodies. UPDATED 6/5/24!



Your shipping address and order details will be collected and calculated after the campaign ends through BackerKit surveys! Orders made in the United States will range anywhere from $5 - 15 for shipping. Orders outside of the US will range from $15 - 45. 

I am not responsible for VAT or other import taxes and fees you may incur via your local customs office. For UK buyers: Anything worth more than £15 which is imported to the UK from a non-EU country is subject to VAT at 20% of the item value plus an additional £8 handling fee. You will likely be required to pay this upon receipt of your package, so please keep that in mind before backing!



We factored in the fastest shipping we can offer and we are working with very reliable companies for production. In case of any unforeseen delays, we have set the completion date farther out than when we actually aim to have all items shipped! These goodies are expected to arrive to you by November 2024 but we will be pushing for an earlier delivery date. Again, we'll be sure to update you via BackerKit every step of the way!

Please note that the pin designs are not final production! They are mockup designs and may change slightly due to small tweaks and modifications in the production process. But we will do our very best to match the colors and designs as closely as possible with our manufacturer~ 

Lastly, this is my first BackerKit campaign but not my first crowdfunding campaign! I expect to come across some learning curves with this specific platform, but with the experience I have with running a shop for over three years and the small team that will be helping me throughout this campaign and fulfillment process, I am confident we'll be able to keep up!


Due to the nature of this platform and us being a small business, we are not able to refund you after the campaign has ended. However, if your item arrives damaged or incorrect, please email us at ✨[email protected]✨ and we'll do our best to rectify the issue! Shipping delays can happen, especially if we're shipping out of the country, so we ask that you back this campaign only if you're willing to wait~ But trust us, the wait will be worth it and we are so grateful for your support!

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins — All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO (2) cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨

Quirkory x kluia — I'm very excited to be partnered with the amazing and talented Quirkory! Together, we came up two eggy creatures that are sure to steal your hearts. My collab pin features Quaxley's first waddle as he is introduced to the world for the very first time (with very good hair, somehow). And Quirkory's collab pin features a tanzanite Eggstone Drake! The egg is magnetic, so you have the option to keep them hidden or take them out of their shell! You can get these two (2) eggy pins for free by backing both our campaigns, no matter what tier~ No extra steps needed! We'll see in our records if you've backed us both. Click into the Delidragons + Eggstone Drakes banner below to check out Quirkory's campaign!


〰️ The goal was met. Why should I back this campaign now? 〰️

Here are some quick reasons why:
  • Many of the designs are exclusive to this campaign so they will not be available anywhere else
  • Every pledge matters as stretch goals and this full collection are not attainable without them! 
  • I create designs that I love and think will do well, but sometimes they aren't as popular or are too costly (especially after seeing my BackerKit numbers), so I end up retiring them
  • These rewards are the most discounted they will ever be
  • And lastly, the Pocket Bird extras will only be available in mystery bags post-campaign
In summary, if you want any of these Pocket Birds, the best time to get them is now!

〰️ Why go through crowdfunding? 〰️

By pitching my ideas here, I'm able to get necessary funds from new + loyal fans all at once, making it possible to produce expensive products and order smart quantities in the most cost-effective way. If I'm lucky enough to meet my fiscal goals, I'll have steady inventory for events, my online store, and other sales channels and therefore steady income~ Backing this campaign means a bit of waiting on your part, but it's currently the best way to run my art business and sustain my career! I am very grateful for any support I can get and I always make sure the backer experience is a good one. 🥳

〰️ How do I choose the pins I want? 〰️

After the campaign is complete, we'll be sending out surveys so you can make final selections on your pins and add-ons! Please do so in a timely manner to ensure we can ship your product to you as soon as they are ready~

〰️ How do I get the free Pintopia pins? 〰️

You can get two (2) free pins from Quirkory and me by backing both our campaigns! (Scroll up to Pintopia 2 for all the details~) This will not show up in your survey after the campaign ends, but we will have that in our records and pop it into your packages if applicable. BackerKit will also send you one (1) gold pin if you back at least five (5) different campaigns from our Pintopia artists! With that said, you have the opportunity to get up to three (3) free pins from this fun event~

〰️ Will Pocket Birds be available after this campaign ends? 〰️

All the non-exclusive pins will be available in very limited quantities! This is a passion project so I currently have no plans to restock these pins. I will sell remaining pins from this campaign at in-person events and in my online store, but if there are any pins you want, now is the time to get them! Basically, I can't guarantee that any of the pins or add-ons will be available in the future, so if you can't live without it, don't miss out~

THANK YOU so much for all your help in making this collection a reality!! I'm so excited to design the packaging and start manufacturing these funny birbs. Stay tuned for some important updates! 🎉

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