fully funded & the brand new vampiric visage pin has been unlocked! 
Tastefully Spooky Collection - Restock

Tastefully Spooky Collection - Restock

Restocking fan-favorite, sold out hard enamel pins and adding new designs to the the Tastefully Spooky Collection! ♦ Campaign now includes a NEW pin design!
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Hello, hello! I’m Odessa, also known to some as Crow-- the artist, creator, and cryptid behind Key & Crow Studios and this campaign! I am a queer, disabled, and chronically ill creator, coming to you from a strange liminal era in my life due to a string of health issues, pandemic complications, and other events. I’ve been in the pin business for about two and a half years now, learning the ins and outs of the process for pin design and production, not to mention running and managing crowdfunding campaigns. This time around, I'm giving Backerkit's funding platform a shot to see how I like it!

The original Tastefully Spooky campaign was an astounding success, and the second production run of Garden Ghost pins are all but entirely sold out as of writing up this campaign, only a handful of standard pins and some b-grades remain. 
The Collection

The Tastefully Spooky Collection was inspired by the first Garden Ghost sculpture that I made on a whim in 2021, along with some of the aesthetics and sensibilities of the Art Nouveau movement.

All collection pins are gold plated hard enamel pins, with shiny enamel filling and comes on an exclusive backing card with gold foil accents and a metal clutch. Each main collection pin measures 25mm, while the mini pins measure at 10mm. Additionally, the moon phases on the Lunar Pumpkin pin are glow in the dark.

The charms are double-sided, double-board acrylic, measuring 3".
Washi tape is somewhat translucent, and will appear slightly different on different color surfaces. Each roll is 25mm wide and 10 meters of repositionable, non-permanent adhesive paper tape.    

This campaign once again features early bird pricing for the first 48 hours, on top of crowdfunding prices that are lower than they will be in my shop. along with a brand new pin design! 

Products from the Tastefully Spooky Collection include:


For the restock campaign, a fresh never-before-released design has been added to the project to make it a reality! I've been wanting to expand the collection since the original campaign, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so!

This funky little guy will be 45mm/1.75" and has been unlocked at $1500!


About Backerkit

During the campaign, you can pledge to support the project at any of the open pledge levels! Remember, you will not be charged for just your pledge until the campaign has ended (provided it is successful).

► You are able to adjust and edit your pledge at any time during the active campaign.

After the campaign has ended, you will receive your surveys from Backerkit to select your chosen designs and calculate shipping costs. Shipping costs are paid upon finalization of surveys, separate from your initial pledge. You will also have to option to choose any additional add-ons during your survey, such as other pins or products!


└─── The campaign is live!
CAMPAIGN END ♦ October 24
└─── The campaign ends, and backers are charged.
SURVEYS SENT OUT ♦ October 27 - November 11
└─── Surveys go out to backers.
SURVEYS LOCKED ♦ November 18
└─── A final 48 hour notice is sent out, and then surveys are locked and backers are charged for shipping costs. Details for manufacturing such as quantities and needed shipping materials are finalized.
└─── Manufacturing begins and the waiting game begins. 
RECEIVING/PACKING ♦ Late December/Early January
└─── Inventory is received from manufacturers, which is then graded and packaged. 
SHIPPING ♦ Late January/early February
└─── Rewards are all packed up and sent out to backers!

► Timeline is a rough estimate and subject to change to delays or unexpected hiccups along the way. Fulfillment time for both manufacturing and sending out rewards may end up longer do to quantity of backers/reward components.


Shipping costs will be charged AFTER the campaign ends, through your Backerkit survey. US backers can expect to receive their pins within 2-8 business days of ship date, and will not receive a tracking number as they are a hassle to wrangle for every backer in these large projects. International backers will receive a tracking number as international shipping tends to be more uncertain, and can expect to receive the product within 2-8 weeks of ship date.

  • Domestic US: 4.50
  • Canada, Mexico: 16
  • UK, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Vatican City, Hong Kong, South Korea: 20
  • Australia, New Zealand: 22
  • Everywhere Else: 18

International backers are responsible for their own countries VAT or import taxes/fees.


Designs may be slightly altered during production (if they are, there will be an update) and colors may look slightly different than what you see on your screen, as they are a physical object vs. a digital asset. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! With many aspects of this type of work often out of my hands, delays are very possible, along with expected on my end at this point, but will not impact the quality of the product you will receive! Shipping time is the most affected by the circumstances, and you will be updated with any significant changes to the timeline.


Additional Products

There are also some additional products that will be available as optional add-ons during the surveys after the campaign has ended.

Perfectly Normal Deer pins are rose gold plated hard enamel pin, with striking black and white shiny enamel. Each pin measures 1.25" and comes on a backing card with a rubber clutch. Peryton charms are double-sided, double-board with a glitter epoxy coating on the front side.

Products from the Perfectly Normal Deer set include:

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