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Project Cerberus

Dive into a D&D 5E High Fantasy/Cyberpunk mashup setting for the heroic desperation adventure that you really want. With new character options, creatures, GM tools, lore, and human-made art, follow now so you don't miss out on this epic adventure!

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Forge your legend in a D&D 5E world where the themes of cyberpunk collide with high fantasy might and magic. Explore the megacity of Zephyr's Veil, where magic and technology co-exist, both trying to keep you alive. Can you fight the monstrous threats living beneath the city in the Vault and defy the wealth disparity enforced by the aloof elite dwelling above?

Craft Your Epic Adventure

  • New Character Options: Build your character with new subclasses, races, feats, and more.
  • Fight Monstrous Threats: Encounter fearsome creatures twisted by arcane and psionic energy.
  • Plug and Play GM Tools: User-friendly designs to make it quick and painless to add content to your existing game or jump into the setting feet first.
  • Shape a Gritty World: Rich lore to immerse the table and build a solid foundation for your adventures.

We're Building Something Special With You

Just like the three heads of Cerberus, you are the third head of Knight Vision Creative! Chris Lindsay and Brendan Jonesrebandt are working tirelessly to craft an unforgettable tabletop experience with your help (don't forget to take the survey!).

Here's a glimpse into what we're working on:
  • Concept art:
  • Mechanics:

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Discord Server: Weigh in on mechanics, vote on artwork concepts, craft epic lore, and join in on the epic D&D campaign kicking off open to all! You've never had access to the creators like this before. Get your voice heard, ideas seen, and feel your influence shape a physical book.

The Creators

  • Chris Lindsay: A seasoned veteran with over 20 years at Wizards of the Coast, Chris is a published game designer and the architect of the Dungeon Masters Guild. His passion for storytelling is second only to his passion for the community.
  • Brendan Jonesrebandt: Founder of Knight Vision Creative, Brendan brings his expertise in D&D 5E mechanics, community involvement, and business excellence to not only make S-tier products but does it with the community at the heart of it.

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Together, we can build a legend!