Comet & Friends Dragon Plushies

Comet & Friends Dragon Plushies

Colorful, detailed dragon hatchlings reminiscent of nostalgic TTRPG designs! Help us unlock all 5 plush in 2 sizes: standard and jumbo! Grow your hoard and bring these hatchlings home!
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Meet Comet & Friends!

Comet the Red Fire Dragon

Comet the Red Fire Dragon

Comet is energetic and the fastest flier in her clutch! Her favorite item to hoard (other than gold) is keys, and she loves imagining what they might unlock. When she's a grown dragon she wants to be an adventurer and find the locks her favorite keys go to. While she is a vicious little carnivore, getting to know humanoids has expanded her palette. Her favorite food is peanut butter!

Nova the Blue Storm Dragon

Nova the Blue Storm Dragon

Nova is gregarious and loves making art! His favorite things to hoard are traditional art materials, which he insists he will actually use someday, but they all look so nice together... When he grows up he wants to be an artist so famous he can get away with painting on whatever he wants, even in humanoid settlements. Nova loves to eat bats for their crunch, and hides near blooming cacti at night to zap them out of the air!

Terra the Green Forest Dragon

Terra the Green Forest Dragon, prototype with no wing wire. Wires are being added.
Terra is curious and full of wonder for the world around her! Her favorite kinds of treasures are natural ones like shells, bird nests, and pressed leaves, but her absolute favorite is a lucky skipping stone that comes back when thrown. She is trying hard to learn druidic magic to understand nature and protect the forest once she's grown! Her favorite food is fresh honey still in the hive, live bees and all!

Eclipse the Black Swamp Dragon

Eclipse the Black Swamp Dragon, prototype with no wing wire. Wires are being added.

Eclipse is a rowdy lad who thinks he's very scary! He hoards fishing gear, and he probably frightened the fishermen away from himself. He claims that once he's big and strong all he'll do is wallow in the mud all day long. That's just because he won't admit he wants to raise medicinal leeches and rare herbs for healers (he's not nice, he swears!!) His favorite food is anything ripened under warm lake mud for at least 3 months.

Aurora the White Tundra Dragon

Aurora the White Tundra Dragon, prototype with no wing wire. Wires are being added.

Aurora is a fastidious introvert. She likes to collect anything cat related, since she thinks they are very admirable creatures, but the actual cats are "too short lived to keep." We're not sure if that's due to her expected lifespan or because she eats them! She wants to become the greatest hunter in the frozen wastes (but wishes it wasn't such messy business.) Aurora's friends know she has a sweet tooth for baked goods and leverage this to get her to be more sociable sometimes.

The Project History

Back at the end of '22 I was looking for a new plush project. My kobolds had just gotten their last 5 colors and I wanted to try something bigger. A particular idea kept coming back: a plush of a dragon hatchling the party I GM for adopted. A little runt they named Comet, who was so small I could make the plush true to her size when they mmet. She was the perfect candidate. I knew even if no one else wanted one, we still would. I drew a whole series of dragons but never intended to make them. Well, except maybe the blue one, just for me.

From campaign character, to sketches, to colors, and then a very unsophisticated plush concept sheet. Sheets I do now often take hours to put together, but this was just my second project. Luckily it worked out!

It turns out others did want them though! People loved the designs that reminded them of their own adventures, so I did what I could out of pocket, bit by bit. The development time was long thanks to their size, and the wallet carnage was bad. But 8 months later and it was all worth it. I was sending the very first jumbo Comets and jumbo Novas to their new homes!

A few etsy reviews of the jumbo Comet and Nova!

Unfortunately, not everyone had space or money for a dragon plush over 3 feet long. I've since received many requests for a smaller size, as well as for making the other colors I'd drawn originally: green, black and white. The originals were a passion project funded out of pocket, and right when the first dragons arrived to ship my wife lost her job. Meeting these other demands has been way beyond my means, especially with our uncertain situation. Still, I've gotten weary of disappointing people who just want these dragons in their lives, and eventually I decided I had to try my best to do something. So I started working on solutions in Nov. of '23!

Jump to present day!

Now prototypes for all 5 designs exist in both sizes! I got them made them in jumbo size first, then shrunk them down to the standard size to keep them all consistent. I was a lot more experienced this time around and there was a strong base pattern to work from thanks to Comet and Nova, so they didn't take as long. All that needs to be done now is manufacturing! This part has still remained way beyond "self funding out of love" level. That's where Backerkit comes in. This campaign is to get these dragons out to everyone who wants them!
That's why we teamed up!

Our Goals!


What now, since we hit all those stretch goals?

It is time for the JUMBOS! These plush are the same pattern, but at 40 inches long they're BIG armfuls of dragon! On paper "twice as long" might not seem like too big a difference, but everything about them scales up and the difference is really dramatic.

ALL 10 DRAGONS AVAILABLE!! Now it's just down to the re-orders to keep stock up! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

And after that?

If we get that far... well, you'll have to wait and see!

Backerkit Exclusive Rewards!

By supporting the Backerkit campaign you get access to all sorts of goodies that will never be around again! If you want them, don't miss out- they won't be back.

Backerkit Exclusive Pricing

Every plush has a lower price that they will never be available for again outside of Backerkit! If you want these plush, now is the time to get them! Nevermind all the goodies you can get along with them, the savings on their own are big!

  • Standard size are $75 each, down from $90! 
  • Jumbo size, if unlocked, are $125 each, down from $165!

If you got a whole set you'd save $275 while also getting any of the rewards tied to your chosen pledge level! That's a huge chunk off!
All 5 loafs

First 48 Hours Pledge Reward: #1 Dragon Buttons!

Every pledge with shipping rewards in the first 48 hours gets a 1.25 inch pin-on button you can bestow on your favorite dragon! These metal buttons attach via a plain pin backing, so if you are going to cuddle your winning dragon, maybe take it off them first.

She's not going to give that to someone else.

Did you miss the 48 hour window? Don't worry! It is also available as a Backerkit-exclusive Add-On! There's also a jumbo 3 inch version only available as an Add-On.


These Backerkit exclusive stickers are 3 inches at the shortest dimension and are vibrantly printed on glossy vinyl! This vinyl is UV-resistant, dishwasher safe, and will even withstand outdoor usage for years. They adhere to pretty much anything, like metal, glass, wood, and plastic.

Sticker mock-ups!


These Backerkit exclusive keychains are high quality clear acryling, 3.5 inches at their widest dimension, and have double-side print. They will have an easy use attachment on the end of a small chain to attach them anywhere you'd like!
Keychain mock-ups!

You are not charged for your pledge or chosen add-ons until the end of the campaign, so it doesn't hurt to reserve what you want now. If you forget to add them before the campaign wraps up you might miss out entirely.

Non-Exclusive Rewards

These rewards might be sold post-campaign (maybe, there is no guarantee,) but by getting them as an add-on during the campaign you are helping out immensely! Some of these items are even made specifically for pairing with the plush, such as:

Plush Scent Sachets

These unique scents are made to be added to jumbos or stored in a container with standards to add an odor! Each dragon has a scent designed based on their environment and lore, but specifically made pleasant. Each order contains two muslin sachets filled with one ounce of aromatic beads, That might not sound like much, but these scents are powerful. The sachets are individually packaged in resealable packaging to help keep them fresh until it is time to use them!

Final packaging appearance not yet decided.

Voice Boxes

Want to add sound to your jumbo plush? These voice boxes come loaded with a unique roar designed specifically for the corresponding color of dragon, and a second version with an elemental breath attack being used! These voice boxes operate with 3 replaceable cell batteries, and can be switched on and off. The sound is played when a small button is pressed, which can be placed in easy-to-squeeze parts without a high profile!

You can hear all of the different voice boxes available being demonstrated in this video here!

The sounds are unique, but on the outside they all look the same

Re-Useable Sticker Book

These sticker books are A5 sized with 20 sheets of a special silicone-coated paper perfect for putting stickers on while still giving you the opportunity to peel them back out and stick them elsewhere! The binding is stitched rather than stapled or spiraled to maximize the space for stickers on the page. With 20 sheets, you get 40 pages to cover counting front and back!

Sticker book mock-up!

Guz Sticker

Guz is the Lairbrew mascot and they're a real cutie! This 3 inch sticker is similar to the exclusives, printed in the same long-lasting vinyl material and die-cut to shape. Support the campaign just a little bit more and get this adorable potion dragon as thanks!
Guz sticker mock-up!

Stuffing Service

Jumbos ship unstuffed by default to save on shipping in every step of the process. It is usually much cheaper to receive an unstuffed jumbo and buy stuffing locally! However, if you really, really don't want to do it yourself and are willing to pitch in a little more for the campaign, I do keep bulk stuffing around for selling stuffed jumbos at events. For every one of these add-ons you purchase, I will stuff one dragon of your choice to a huggable firmness and send it stuffed instead of unstuffed! This will add weight and bulk to your package in a big way, so please know it will raise your shipping costs, especially if you are international. Doubly so if you are paying to stuff the next add-on on this list!
Stuffing is done using standard polyfill!


The ultimate size. Just as adorable as ever, but definitely not-so-little. These plush are 72 inches long and are an upscaled version of the exact same pattern. Their wings will basically be blanket-sized, and they will take up as much (if not more) room as a fully grown person laying down would. These were originally devised for donating to occassional charity auctions at the conventions we attend, so these aren't really a for-sale size... except for right now! Backerkit is the only place these will ever be available for direct sale! Want all 5 designs in this godly size? Check out our biggest pledge level!
These will be GENUINELY FREAKING HUGE so please make sure you scope out your living space a bit first!

The Recipe for Funds Use!

Plush making is expensive! Plush manufacturing makes all the other slices of the pie seem pretty small. We want to keep our goal as low as we reasonably can to make sure we can succeed! Keeping such a tight focus on what we're here to do will stop our budget from getting fizzled up in unneccessary places.

Where the money will go in this brew!

Shipping and Timeline

Shipping costs

All shipping charges will be collected in addition to your total pledge amount during pledge management. Shipping materials and handling are both free, and I make no profit on shipping! International backers are responsible for additional fees associated to location, such as VAT.


These are all estimates. They are educated ones based on experience with manufacturing plush and fulfilling their associated pre-orders, but no amount of experience can make it possible to see the future! Our estimate for fulfillment start is:

October 2024

The Timeline Itself:

  • Once funds are received safety testing begins! Manufacturing can't begin until the plush pass these tests. Failures are not anticipated but this is not a step we can skip!
  • Once the tests complete, manufacturing begins! It will most likely take about 3 months max.
  • During this time we'll also be ordering all of our other rewards and supplies. Orders without plush will be fulfilled when these arrive.
  • Once manufacturing is complete, it is time for overseas shipping! It'll be 1 to 2 months before they're both stateside and picked up by the final shipping company.
  • Once the plush have arrived, fulfillment begins! Since I can't predict how much I will have to ship the aim will be "200 packages minimum a week until done." I will provide updates as I make progress.

What Could Change the Estimate:

  • Manufacturing delays. There are several people past the prototyping stage who need to be up and running for production to continue unhindered. Problems are uncommon, but possible. These problems are all ultimately temporary and surmountable.
  • International shipping delays Shipping demands shift through the year, and the size of the final order will play a big part in this. These delays are baked in to the "1 to 2 months" overseas shipping estimate.
  • Domestic shipping delays: Once stateside, customs can still be a point of delay. However once we're past customs, final shipping delays are typically measured in just days!

If there are any delays I will always be transparent about them! I want to make sure the community has as much information as I do!
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project