All 3 pin designs are unlocked and come with matching holographic stickers! β›΅οΈπŸ‹πŸ™
Tiny Mariner Enamel Pins

Tiny Mariner Enamel Pins

A small collection of pins featuring the Tiny Mariner sailing under the stars, and a few of their friends.
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This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more β†’


Matching stickers are unlocked!
Get a matching 3" holographic sticker FREE with each pin pledge! If you pledge for the Tiny Mariner pin, you'll get the matching sticker. Pledge for the Cyril the Whale pin and you'll get the matching sticker. Pledge for the Kra-Ken pin and you'll get the matching sticker.

If we get to 70 backers, each pin pledge will receive all 3 matching stickers for FREE.

Additional stickers are available as add-ons!

Free stickers to match pin pledges!

Ahoy! The Tiny Mariner first headed out to sea on Twitter as an art bot I programmed. It's a boat emoji that sails under random star patterns while navigating changing water conditions. Occasionally, the Tiny Mariner is joined by an undersea friend. It navigated the waters on Twitter until many of the art bots were driven off the platform by forces beyond our control. Now the Tiny Mariner explores the peaceful waters of Mastodon, where it sails through its followers timelines hourly to bring a moment of calm and hopefully provide a smile.Β 

The Tiny Mariner is sailing from Mastodon into limited edition enamel pin form and bringing along a couple of friends!

Canadian exchange rates are approximate.
  • 1 pin - Β  $13 US / $18 Canada
  • 2 pins - $24 US / $33 Canada
  • 3 pins - $36 US / $49 Canada


IMPORTANT: I will only be shipping to the United States and Canada for this campaign.

Shipping will be charged separately after the campaign ends, through your BackerKit survey. This will help ensure you get the most accurate and lowest shipping cost.

Shipping estimates are subject to change.


Welcome to Pintopia β€” a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins β€” All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨

For Pintopia 2 (Enamel Pin Boogaloo), I've partnered with the wonderful Brandon of Quirky Bird Pins to create 2 special pins for those who back both of our campaigns. If you back both of our campaigns AND we're both funded, you'll get each of our collab pins for free! Yes, free! Please visit Quirky Bird's page too!

My collab pin:
  • 1.5"
  • Hard enamel
  • Shiny silver metal
  • 2 posts with rubber clutches

Tiny Mariner pin will ship from me!

Please visit Quirky Bird's campaign too!


The timeline is subject to change.
  • March 28: The Tiny Mariner sets sail
  • April 18: The Tiny Mariner returns to shore
  • April 26 - May 4: BackerKit surveys are sent
  • May 12 - 18: Pin production starts
  • September: Pins are received, QA'd, packaged, and shipped to you

Hey, I'm Leslie aka 27% analog & aacfilms, the human behind Tiny Mariner pins. I'm an artist who creates across a variety of mediums. Tiny Mariner is my first enamel pin campaign, but I've run 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for my abstract photography: abstractions II and abstractions III: The Expanse.

Places you can find me:
27% analog | aac films | Mastodon | Ko-fi
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