The Deca Tapes 2

The Deca Tapes 2

Creating the second season of science fiction thriller audio drama THE DECA TAPES.
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The second story is a very different beast from the first one. It consists of monologues, dialogues and field recordings. The cast is about three times as big and there will be thirteen episodes instead of eight. So, he’ll need much more time for recording, editing and soundtracking.

That’s why we turn to you, audio drama lovers.

March 2024, exactly five years after the first Deca Tapes leaked, it is time to work together again and bring more Deca Tapes to light. To give a glimpse of the new story, here's a synopsis.


These are some reactions from the beta readers, randomly chosen online from a pool of Deca fans.


The total production budget consists of Patreon support and the Backerkit goal added up. 

The money will be used in the following distribution during production - this is a projection, but because of the amount of podcasts Lex made, they should be pretty close to actual billings. 

Both lead actors have already given their rates, so did animation and artwork creators. 


Lot's of fun stuff from the world of DECA is available for backers.

First of all, you can get all new episodes as a digital download, ad free, the day production is completed. Or, even better, a deluxe edition, which includes all artwork and multiple behind the scenes episodes, going in depth on the themes, creative process and production.

Amongst the rewards there is a lot of content for DECA fans. A look inside The Deca Group with a digital short story bundle from inside HQ, including eleven one page stories by Lex Noteboom. For the  backers with aspirations in the creative industry, there is the possibility to get official producer credits.

If you feel like investing a lot into finding out the truth, Lex will send his original handwritten first version of the script including notes to you. 


If we hit the goal and get to make Deca 2, that would be an amazing thing. In the case that even more amazing things happen, we could try and finish the entire DECA arch. If the project gets funded, the first stretch goal will be revealed.

Back this project and prepare for an adventure into new worlds. 

Thank you for supporting the truth. 

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