Here are some stats that I like to post for crowdfunding campaigns I back. I feel they are a good breakdown of goals, a snapshot in time, and also just fun to watch! I usually post once daily, in the morning. Please let me know either here or in a message if this something you (the creator) want or not. Also I can adjust the frequency and other details as needed as well. For backer kit I'm going to try keeping the stats in this one discussion (as long as it is not buried too deep). Also this particular campaign uses backers as the goal so my stretch goal is that number of backers times the average pledge and will change with the average. Pledged: $17,286 Backers: 335 Average Pledge: $51.60 Time Left: 37 Days 10 Hours 54 Minutes Stretch Goal (Door 4): $20,640 Needed: $3,354 Needed / Day: $89.55 Needed Avg Backers: 65 Needed Avg Backers / Day: 1.74





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