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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Progress Update & a First Look at the Exclusive Map Pack

We have now received our first samples from our factory!

Overall we're more than happy with how everything is coming along. Of course we have some tweaks and adjustments to make at this stage before mass production starts, but we are very nearly there!

So lets start off looking at maps.

Here is a first look at the map pack for this campaign. This is a Backerkit Crowdfunding exclusive, these maps are just for backers!

I hope you agree they are looking rather good, and while we have tweaks to make in other areas, we are happy and these maps are signed off and good to go to print!

We have a sample of the Big Box of Dungeon Doors itself, which we will be taking a very very close look at in the coming days. There are some tweaks and amends, but (spoiler!) the doors themselves are AMAZING and it is so close to being completely perfect! When we've finished our review of the sample we'll post another video update.

At this stage in the crowdfunding timeline we start to move away from being designers and move into being project managers! Once we have approved manufacture we move onto shipping plans, fulfilment schedules and all that good stuff, which frees Matt up to draw more maps.

And speaking of Maps, Matt has been busy drawing more dungeons ready for our next campaign, which will be coming to Kickstarter in June.

Immense Dungeons - Digital Maps for Discerning Game Masters will follow the same format as our previous digital Kickstarter, Beyond the Blue Nebula (except this time it's Dungeons!). There will be dozens of ready to roll digital maps, as well as huge tile sets to create your own layouts and tokens to furnish them.

You can follow along to be notified on launch here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/immense-dungeons-digital-maps-for-discerning-game-masters





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