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over 1 year ago

Project Update: The adventure is on!! We are funded and the doors are coming!!

Thank you all!

We have officially funded and we will be making the Big Box of Dungeon Doors!

So now the excitement of the campaign is over what will happen now?

Firstly over the next 2 weeks your cards will be charged, If you have any issues please reach out and we can help.

I will leave the polls for the door designs open for another 10 days, then we will confirm the final door designs and commission the artwork. There will be no poll for extra door #8, we will choose our favourite "runner up" from the polls and use that design for the final door.

At the same time we will be talking to our manufacturer and finalising our plans. We will be able to let you have a timeline for manufacture, freight, shipping and delivery once we have finalised and signed off the pre production samples.

We will be updating regularly so you will know what is happening and when to expect your doors. 

We will be using Backerkit Pledge Manager

This will be to gather your shipping information and confirm add-on purchases. 
(Please note those of you who added on extra items during the campaign - this will have added the extra funds into your pledge, you will need to add on the extra items you want in the pledge manager in order to receive them! This is a key difference from Kickstarter so we'll be highlighting this again when we launch the pledge manager).

We expect to open the pledge manager in the next 6 weeks once we have confirmed final product dimensions and shipping costs.

Thank you again for coming on this adventure with us, we cannot wait to get you these beautiful doors!

Matt & Tam

Loke Battle Mats

Includes Backer-Exclusive Content
When we reach this target an extra double door will be added to the box. We will hold a poll to determine the design for this double door.
Goal: 800 backers reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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