Big Box of Dungeon Doors

Big Box of Dungeon Doors

Elevate your game with dozens of stunningly detailed doors presented on acrylic standees. The perfect terrain adornments for RPG maps or board games!
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Doors for any Adventure!

40 Dungeon Doors & 8 Double Sided 11x17" Maps

Thanks to your amazing support there are currently 40 doors in the box!

The Big Box of Dungeon Doors is a brand-new concept for dungeon a-door-nments! Clear plastic standees boasting beautifully illustrated doors to use with RPG battle maps and even board games.

Dozens of doors, ready to use straight out of the box, featuring highly detailed immersive artwork. And just for our backers an exclusive pack of maps to use them with.

Create your own dungeon or city of doors and see where the adventure leads, or customise your favourite board with this stunning terrain!

Doors for RPG Encounters and Board Games

Fully compatible and scaled for use with 5' scale tactical maps, tiles and most terrain accessories, these eye-catching standees will allow you to create intriguing encounters for your table.

The set contains 40 doors.

Behold the Doors!

See those locked doors? You're all going to help decide on the designs as they're unlocked!


Why You Need These Doors!

  • Perfect for any RPG map 
  • Eye catching and intriguing
  • Enhance any map or game board
  • Easy & quick to set up 
  • Amazing value for money
  • Artwork presented on acrylic standees (clear plastic)
  • Exclusive map pack just for backers of this campaign
  • Everything from a standard locked dungeon door through to magical portals!

Standard 1" x 2" door and a double door at 2" x 2"


TTRPG and Board Game Compatible

Fully compatible with any fantasy RPG!

Our door designs are in the 5 foot to 1 inch tactical scale, making them fully compatible with the most popular TTRPGs and the ideal addition to any fantasy RPG battle map.

They are also a stunning accompaniment to our Book of Battle Mats range, as well as pretty much any tile set, board or accessory product.

Now any encounter area can have stand up doors for the adventurers to examine, crack, solve, attack, unlock or even just open! The clear base of the doors blends seamlessly into the map, allowing the door to stand out!

And as these standees boast artwork front and back they look great from every angle!

Perfect for your battle maps


Huge Impact, No Painting!

These acrylic standees are ready to use straight out of the box! The beautiful illustrations mean you have the door to any adventure at your fingertips!

So now you have instant impact!

From suspicious portals, steampunk puzzles and intricate ironwork through to a sturdy, stubbornly locked door, you have exactly what you need at your fingertips are ready to go!

A great time saver.

A portal to your next adventure

The artwork is double sided so players from all around the table can debate exactly how they are going to open the door!

Adventure Inspiring!

Now we all know that a door is not always as it seems.

They can simply stand between the party and their objective, but they can be so much more.

From challenging locks, magical complications and unseen perils, each door offers an encounter in its own right. So you can use the detailed artwork to inspire the adventure as the party progress through your world.

Or simply sit back, relax and create a beautiful scene to be explored.

Adventure Module

A 5E compatible PDF adventure will be created as part of this campaign. This fully illustrated and professionally laid out module will be specially designed and written for the maps and doors.

Backers at the Double the Doors! level will recieve this adventure for free, it is also available as an add-on.


Beautiful & Durable

These clear plastic standees, each with a round base, offer a handy durable and easy 3d scenery option.

More durable than card, without the need to paint like most 3D options, acrylic is a great material to augment your terrain range!

So now you can add a door for any occasion to your maps and add even more wow factor to board games!

And with our amazingly detailed artwork you can enjoy the party discussing for hours exactly how, and by whom, the door is opened.

Amazing detailed artwork on every door

Exclusive Maps!

Just for backers of this campaign we will include a map pack!

Fold out, modular maps, fully wet/dry marker compatible, and featuring Loke Battle Mats’ award winning cartography. So you can use each map individually or line up larger maps for more epic encounters!

The perfect accompaniment to our Big Box of Dungeon Doors.

Our amazing maps are the perfect backdrop for these beautiful doors! Creating an immersive and engaging setting for any fantasy roleplaying encounter, the maps feature stunning individually drawn artwork by our award winning cartographer.

These maps will not be available outside of this campaign so don't miss out!

One side of the maps will focus on dungeons

Shipping and Tax

We are able to offer Customs Friendly shipping for the following countries. This means there will be no import duty or fees. VAT will still be payable in the UK & EU. Backers outside these countries will be responsible for all import duties and any other associated costs.

If we get enough backers we can add Canada and Australia!

We will charge shipping after the campaign has ended.

VAT will be charged after the campaign for backers in the UK & EU at the local rate.

We estimate the shipping costs for this campaign to be as follows - 

US*          $13 - $18 

UK          $11 - $13 

EU         $11 - $22 

CA          $25 - $40 

AUS/NZ  $30 - $40

ASIA       $25 - $35

Rest of World  $60 - 80

* Mainland US 

I am afraid that due to issues with some countries customs offices and world events we are unable to ship to South America, Russia and Belarus.

UK/EU Backers - VAT is not included. VAT Will be charged at the local rate for the entire pledge amount for digital & physical rewards including shipping in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Sales tax for the US state of Georgia is applicable for residents of that state.

Digital rewards for this campaign will be fulfilled via DriveThruRPG.

fulfilled via DriveThruRPG.


Stretch Goal Achievements

As we hit our targets during the campaign we will add extra content!

This will all be laid out in the Achievements tab at the top of the campaign homepage.

This extra content will include extra doors to go in the box! And we'll be using backer feedback to determine the designs and themes of the doors we add. Each extra door added when a stretch goal achievement is met will have a poll associated so you can vote on the design you want.

If you'd like to suggest designs and themes we should consider, head over to the featured discussion in the Community tab and share your thoughts.


For this campaign we're making some extra's available to add on. You will see these on the screen after you pledge.

By selecting an add-on here you will add on extra funds to spend on the add on you chose in the pledge manager survey. So you will need to make sure you select it in that survey after the campaign has ended as well as here!

The Add-Ons Available are - 

Extra Big Box of Dungeon Doors $40

Extra Map Pack $9

Exclusive PDF 5E Adventure (already included in the Double the Doors Pledge) $5

"Unbarred Folly" - PDF of random encounters for our doors - The early bird reward for if you missed the early bird! $5

If you select an add-on here, then change your mind, you can simply put the extra funds towards the shipping costs or other add-ons in the pledge manager. 


The A-door-able Team

We are a multi-award winning publisher best known for our Book of Battle Mats range of map books, which are available from most local gaming stores and online hobby sellers.

We are a family business comprising of Matt and Tam Henderson.

Website -

The artwork for all of our doors is by James Hayball, a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Brighton, UK.

He mainly focuses his work on fantasy environment and figure work for the trading card and board game industry, having worked for such clients as LucasFilm, Funko, Bezier Games and Privateer Press.

Kelfecil is a narrative designer and writer who will be creating our 5E adventure module! He creates immense amounts of TTRPG content every month which you can find on his Patreon. He publishes things like: adventures, side quests, dungeon tales, bounties, monster and treasure hunts, mini-settings, sci-fi content, supplements and more!

Website -


Free Map

Doorn Hall, a 30x20 Battle Map

Click here to get this free map on DriveThruRPG

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