Calendar of Many Adventures 2025

Calendar of Many Adventures 2025

The Calendar of Many Adventures 2025 is a wall calendar with 12 playable battle maps and a month per page view calendar. It also has 12 full 5E PDF adventures written for the maps! And you get a digital copy of all the maps to play online.
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Level Up 2025

For this campaign we are creating a wall calendar (which is also a collection of battle maps), a pack of dungeon map gift wrap and a pack of beatuiful RPG themed greeting cards.

If you would like all these wonderful things (and why wouldn't you) then check out the Level Up 2025 pledge level!
Behold all the lovely things.

The Calendar of Many Adventures 2025

A beautiful wall calendar which you can also use as a battle map!


12 Detailed Battle Mats

Designed to be beautiful on your table AND your wall!

Each beautiful map is 12x12" and features a 1" gird.

The calendar lays flat so the map can be used with miniatures and scenery during game night, then return to the wall to keep the anticipation of game night going until the next time!

12 Maps for the Year

And of course the calendar will be an eyecatching feature on your wall as well as your table!

12 PDF 5E Adventures

And you get far more than the beautiful maps!

12 Adventure PDFs

The award winning team at Loke Battle Mats have written a 5E adventure to play on each map. These 12 fully laid out and illustrated PDFs include fully statted monsters and NPCs.

And we have also included a "map environs" section with some ideas of how to use the features of the battle map in this, and of course your own encounters and adventures!

This awesome content will provide a treasure chest or ready to play adventures, as well as resources that can be used over and over again!


Adaptable adventures!

Our 12 adventures are written to be flexible,

They are all fully playable stand alone scenarios, and we have also included advice, tips and plot hooks for incorporating the adventures into your ongoing campaigns.

The adventures are written for a range of levels between 2 and 9. For each scenario we offer advise on how to adapt these for lower or higher levels.

It is our aim that these adventures will be as flexible and adaptable as possible in order to be useful to you in the most number of scenarios.

And of course we include unique NPCs, fully stat blocked monsters and a dedicated list of environment specific interactions for each map which can easily be used in your own adventures and campaigns.


Free Digital Copy of the maps!

Every Calendar will include a digital version of the maps, perfect for using in VTT or printing out extra copies for use at home.

The Digital content will be delivered via DrivethruRPG, and we'll be offering a Roll20 pledge level too!
Available via the Roll20 Digital Pack

Give the gift of adventure!

Level up your gifting game with Loke Battle Mats' Dungeon Wrap. 

All wrapped up

6 Sheets of folded premium gift wrap featuring a stunning dungeon design!

Give the gift of adventure with this gift wrap which is not only visually stunning, but is a fully playable battle map!

Each Unfolded Sheet of Dungeon Gift Wrap is 27x19"

The pack included 6 gift tags, which feature a QR code to download a digital copy of the map to use online or print extra at home copies.

Gifts ready for the whole party!


RPG Greeting Cards

Perfect for the RPG enthusiast in your life (or group!)

A pack of 12 greeting cards. Featuring 2 beautiful designs by our cover artist Jim Gray, these cards will be a critical hit with any RPG and gaming fans!



We are aiming to get rewards to backers in August.

We have seen a sharp increase in shipping prices in the last 12 months. We generally charge backers less than it costs us to ship your pledge to you.

Add-Ons and extra items will not increase the shipping fee (we will charge shipping on a per order basis), so the more items you order, the better the value.

We are able to offer customs friendly shipping for backers in the UK, US & EU.

Shipping costs are estimated to be -

US - $10
UK - $9
EU - $13-16
Canada - $19
Australia & New Zealand - $20-$25
Asia - $13-$18

VAT will be applied for backers in the UK & EU at the standard rate.

US backers in GA will have sales tax applied.

Early Bird Reward - The Game Master's 2025 Almanac

Inspired by the Calendar of Many Adventures, the Game Master's Almanac PDF 2025 will feature inspiring ideas and hooks to keep your adventures rolling throughout 2025!

Written by writer and game designer C J Eggett, this amazing resource will be packed full of inspiration for your adventures!

The almanac will be free for all backers in the first 48 hours, and will be available as an additional purchase as well!

The Game Master's Almanac is written by C J Eggett

The Team

We are a multi-award winning publisher best known for our Books of Battle Mats Range of map books, which are available from most local gaming stores and online hobby sellers.

We are a family business comprising of Matt Henderson (designer & production director) and Tam Henderson (everything else).

Facebook - @lokebattlemats
Twitter - @LokeBattlemats
Patreon - LokeBattleMatt

Our greeting card art is by James Gray, (aka quigonjim), an illustrator and artist who has produced a number of covers and tokens for other Loke products.

Former clients and books include the anthologies Zombies, Robots and Westerns for Accent UK Comics, the Kickstarter backed Amnesia Agents with Jason Cobley and the Brawler anthology, card art for Oligarchy from Entropic Games and poster and T-Shirt designs for the band Dead Man's Whiskey. He also has a substantial back catalogue of Superbike and MotoGP artworks.

Check out @quigonjimgray on Insta, Twitter and FB for more.

Christopher John Eggett is a writer and games designer from Cambridgeshire, UK. He is the ex-editor of Tabletop Gaming Magazine and currently writes games with his partner as Ada Press Games.

Find Chris on:

Twitter - @CJEggett -

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