Deck of Many Insults

Deck of Many Insults

Viciously mock & antagonize your way around the adventuring world with this 100 card Deck of Many Insults. The must have RPG card deck! Spice up your vicious mockery, offend every NPC you meet and defeat your opponents verbally with style.
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Deck of 100 Cards

Loke Battle Mats are frankly a little embarrassed to present our Deck of Many Insults - 100 cards to viciously mock and antagonise your way across the adventuring world.

These sharp observations, comebacks and quips will gain you the upper hand in any verbal altercation. Now your character can deliver devastating dialog with ease, crude cant and profane prose are all at your fingertips!

And for the bards, your Vicious Mockery will land each and every time. Now no one will be in doubt who has scored the verbal victory!

Spice up your Vicious Mockery & Table Banter

Morality Advisory. Excessive use of unnecessarily explicit language. Some knowledge of anatomy required.

Never again will you be stuck for ideas on how to viciously mock your adversaries!

From unflattering comparisons which dredge the lowest gutters of 5E's monsters, through to tear inducing observations on taste, personal hygiene and decision making, there is a witty put down or sharp retort here for any occasion.


Fully Illustrated Cards

This deck of 100 cards are of the highest quality.

350 GSM art cardstock large cards, are 2.5x3.5 inches, with full color artwork, these eye catching cards are sure to draw attention at your table.

With artwork by James Hayball (who was kind enough to paint our oddest requests, including a dragon's @ss), your table opponents will be left in no doubt as to who is the verbal victor with this awesome card deck.


Our card design

We will be asking backers to decide on the final artwork we use on the backs of our cards.

Check out the poll and cast your vote!

The two options are -
Birdy the Dragon from Behind

Birdy the dragon from the front.

Digital Insults PDF

As part of this campaign we will create a PDF random roll table of all the insults. This will be illustrated and fully laid out.

So as well as randomly drawing a card you can roll up a retort!

Rude Roll Tables PDF

And that's not all the antagonizing this campaign can facilitate!

As well as our Deck of Many Insults we're creating a crude & rude package of PDF roll tables all with an RPG twist!

Naughty NPC Names
Cheeky Spells
Amusing magic items

With a roll of the dice you can add some spice and flavor to your table!

Stretch Goals

When we hit Key milestones we will add in some content just for backers!
This will be digital content, there won't be any physical stretch goals. This is because we want to focus on making one amazing product, and to thank you for helping us we'll be adding PDF's of amazing content for you to use. All digital content will be illustrated and laid out. And rather rude.

We will create a stat sheet for "Birdy" the dragon in our artwork.
A full stat block and illustrated sheet for Birdy. Between us I wouldn't expect that fire breath attack to come from the front end.....

Random Roll table (PDF) of all the places you can $@%! off to.
A random roll table of 100 rather rude place names will be added to the Rude Roll tables PDF.

Reach 750 backers
A PDF of F#@!ing Fantastic Things.
A fully laid out PDF detailing 10 rude magic items (5E and generic rules).

Reach 1000 backers
A PDF of S#!% Hot Spells.
A fully laid out PDF detailing 10 slightly suspect spells (5E and generic rules).

Fulfilment & Timelines

We are working to have this amazing card deck sent out to backers around Easter 2024. The digital files will be distributed in January.

We will be printing these cards in China, and shipping out to our warehouses in the UK, Germany and United States from where they will make their way to backers.

This enables us to offer customs friendly shipping for the UK, EU and US.

If we get enough backers we will add customs friendly shipping for Canada, Australia, Asia & New Zealand.

Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Shipping costs are estimated to be -
US $10
Canada $24
UK $10
EU $12-15
Australia & NZ $25-35
Asia $30-35
(This is the most we expect it to cost, we're hoping we can get this down for backers!)

Digital rewards will be fulfilled via DrivethruRPG.

Digital rewards will be fulfilled using DrivethruRPG


Early Bird Reward

Backers in the first 48-hours will receive '100 Dumb Ways to Die, in a TTRPG' PDF.

The Early Bird Reward is this hilarious PDF of less than majestic ways to depart the RPG world. Our friend in the picture, for example, has decided to intimidate his foes by stabbing his own hand, forgetting his dagger is coated in deadly venom.... Ooops!

Backers after the first 48 hours will be able to pick this awesome extra up as an add on.

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