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Tome of Intangible Treasures

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A 5e-compatible collection of intangible rewards for characters; including boons, pacts, titles, trainings, and more

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In the weeks leading up to launch, I'll be slowly revealing more of the campaign page here! If you're a new follower of the project, check out the updates for a link to the preview PDF and other follower-only content.

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Expand Your Horizons

In D&D 5th edition, leveling up means getting more abilities and more power, but what of the stories we tell? When you save the town of Wendleton from the clutches of a vile cult, what on your character sheet represents your heroism in the eyes of the people? What about your year-long trek through the elemental plane of fire?  

Tome of Intangible Treasures is a compendium of 450+ new ways to provide story-based character rewards and mechanical growth options. Perfect for GMs and players alike, this tome is full of ways to express your characters via boons, blessings, charms, pacts, titles, histories, advanced trainings, and more.  

Earn the blessing of a nexus of nature spirits, seek the training of a powerful mage to learn the ways of the Master of the Mystic Arcanum, and represent your character's story so far with Titles and Histories.

 A ranger kneels at the feet of a grizzled and armored veteran. The veteran instructs the ranger as he points an arrow glowing with radiant power at an undead abomination in the foreground.
"A Ranger Trains to Become a Wild Warden" - by Thomas Lebeau

Whether you need a cool new power to give your player after they restored an artifact of a deity or you're a player looking for a way to make your cleric/bard flavor build work mechanically, there's something for everyone in its treasure trove of secrets.

Grow Your Character

In D&D 5e, leveling up means getting more abilities and more power. But what of the stories we tell? When you save the town of Wendleton from the clutches of a vile cult, what on your character sheet represents your heroism in the eyes of the people? What about your year-long trek through the plane of elemental fire?

 Under my tutelage, you shall unlock the mysteries of the universe.  The secrets of the stars, the hidden meaning of every arcane scribbling, the very essence of magic itself. Astora Valanna, Archmange

The titles and histories found in this book bring simple, narrative-focused rewards that allow you to reflect major character growth with mechanical abilities and effects. That town you saved? Word of mouth begins to spread, and you have little trouble convincing others that you're a true hero once they hear you're the Savior of Wendleton. That trip through the plane of fire? You've become so adept at traversing hot, hostile environments that you could serve as a guide yourself.

Between adventures, train to maximize your abilities by finding a teacher who can pass on knowledge of an advanced training. Become an Arcane Conduit, a Deific Invoker, a Wild Warden, or any of the other dozens of trainings that suit your specific build.

 A resplendent angel grants a blessing represented by a golden glow to a warrior kneeling before her. All around them beams of warm light bathe the heavens as mountains float in the sky behind
"A Celestial Being Grants a Blessing" - by J.P. Vilela

Boons, Blessings, Charms, and Pacts give you a plethora of new quest rewards and character development opportunities as you interact with the many and varied entities of power in your world. Perhaps you will be blessed by a nature spirit for cleansing a shrine, or form a pact with a long-sealed divine agent. Maybe you will be granted a charm as a favor for aiding a fairy or granted an enigmatic boon for releasing an inscrutable agent of the realms beyond the void. Whether you're a GM or a player,Tome of Intangible Treasures has something for every occasion.

 A fantastical landscape with giant mushrooms, upside-down islands floating in the skies and clouds of a range of colors.
"The Fey Realm" - by Daniel Cunha

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I'm Josh Rosing, a solo TTRPG content creator who's been playing, running, and designing for role-playing games, including Dungeons and Dragons, Fate system, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, and Age of the Rebellion/Edge of the Empire systems since 2006. Lone Colossus Games is my company, and through it I produce high-quality TTRPGs and supplements like Injuries & Vile Deeds, Wyrmlings RPG, and Cyber//Core:HACK to inspire you to newer and greater heights in your games. I put up a good professional front that sometimes makes Lone Colossus Games look like a whole team of people, but it's really just me and the freelancers I get to hire because of backers like you!