Warrenguard is a tabletop roleplaying game by Natalie Pudim, From the mechanics up, it is a game about the fantasy of being a dragonrider, and the reality of how found families form in adversity and carve out comfort in a dangerous life.
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You are a Dragonrider

You feel the cold wind rush through your hair as you and your dragon fight the bonds of gravity. Your dragon lifts off from the lofty warrens high above the rest of the world where you make your home.

Below you is a mountain of living stone set on snuffing out the small flame of humanity you are charged to protect.

But you are not in the fight alone. At your wing are other riders who will always have your back. You live with them. Train and eat your meals with them. Laugh and cry with them. Together, you are the Warrenguard.

What is Warrenguard?

Warrenguard is a tabletop roleplaying game by Natalie Pudim, author of Sapphic Space Pirates, and published by Luck of the Harbor. It utilizes a unique system that blends aspects of Belonging outside Belonging games such as Wanderhome with the Fate Accelerated system by Evil Hat. From the mechanics up, it is a game about the fantasy of being a dragonrider, and the reality of how found families form in adversity and carve out comfort in a dangerous life. 
Caretaker Mockup

Players will shape a world of floating islands and wilds full of magic and giant monsters with tiny pockets of humanity under the protection of dragonriders.  Choose between five rider archetypes that define your role on the team: Old-Timer, Fresh Face, Ace, Outsider and Caretaker. Be paired with one of twelve dragon species with unique traits and personalities. Perhaps your companion will be a fierce and deadly red dragon with fiery breath, or a regal purple dragon with wings that leave storms in their wake. Tell your story with 15 chapters that make session planning a breeze.

Warrenguard Art by Shan Bennion

Warrenguard Features:
  • 5 rider archetypes that define your role on the team
  • 12 unique dragon species
  • A simple player-defined world building system
  • 15 playable chapters that make session planning a breeze
  • 10 ready-made threats to put the warrenguard in danger
  • A striking layout by Abbey Kelley
  • Gorgeous art by Natalie Chenard, Shan Bennion, Katilynne Kawaguchi, Anonymous Gob and more
Dragon Page Mockup

Warrenguard will be a full color book full of beautiful art, printed in a 6x9 paperback format, and the final layout is estimated to clock in at about 100 pages. 
Ace Mockup

Pledge Levels

Warrenguard can be backed at a variety of levels. Whether you want to pick up the PDF to give the game a shot, or go all in to get a beautiful exclusive set of red cubic zirconia dice, there is a way for you to become a dragonrider.

All tiers will include digital copies of all stretch goals

Hatchling | $20

  • Digital PDF of Warrenguard

Dragonrider | $35

  • Paperback Copy of Warrenguard
  • Digital PDF of Warrenguard

Warrenguard Commander | $70

  • Four Red & Gold Warrenguard Crest FATE Dice in a Warrenguard Tin
  • Twenty Four Metal Warrenguard Dragonrider/Warren Tokens
  • Paperback Copy of Warrenguard
  • Digital PDF of Warrenguard

Dragonmaster General | $500

  • Four Red Cubic Zirconia Warrenguard Crest FATE Dice in a Warrenguard Tin
  • A Session of Warrenguard for You and Four Friends Run by Natalie Pudim Before Release
  • A Special Thanks Credit in Warrenguard
  • Four Red & Gold Warrenguard Crest FATE Dice in a Warrenguard Tin
  • Twenty Four Metal Warrenguard Dragonrider/Warren Tokens
  • Paperback Copy of Warrenguard
  • Digital PDF of Warrenguard

Warrenkeeper (For Retailers Only) | $100

  • Five Paperback Copies of Warrenguard
(Will verify retailer status upon receiving pledge)

Orange and Gold Dragons

Dice & Tokens

Luck of the Harbor is partnering with Dice Dungeons to make custom FATE dice and tokens for the campaign.

Luck of the Harbor x Dice Dungeons

Metal Fate Dice

These metal FATE dice feature the Warrenguard Dragon Crest on all sides in bright red and gold. Each metal die is electroplated with a shining metallic coat, and inset with a colorful enamel. Designed by Dice Dungeons to ensure proper balance and even weight distribution across the dice. Backers will receive a set of four needed to play the game in a metal tin featuring the Warrenguard logo.

Metal Warrenguard Crest FATE dice

Metal Tokens

The 1 inch diameter metal tokens feature the iconic dragonrider from the cover of Warrenguard on one side, and the Warren where the Warrenguard keeps their watch on the other. Art is by the Warrenguard cover artist Natalie Chenard. A set comes with twenty four tokens, enough for a full table of dragonriders.
Token Mockup from Dice Dungeons

Cubic Zirconia Fate Dice

These Red Cubic Zirconia feature the gold Warrenguard Dragon Crest on all sides. This synthesized material is hard, surprisingly heavy, and feel like something special to roll. Backers will receive a set of four needed to play the game in a metal tin featuring the Warrenguard logo.

The prototype cubic zirconia dice are still incoming, but Dice Dungeons has manufactured red cubic zirconia dice sets, and mockups and prototype pictures will be sent to backers as soon as possible.

Red Cubic Zirconia Dice from Dice Dungeons
Stretch Goals

$6k Sebastian Yue New Rider Archetype FUNDED

$7k DeAngelo Murillo New World Lore FUNDED
$8k Mazey Veselak New Playable Chapters FUNDED
 $9k Superdillin In Universe Solo Game FUNDED

$10k Drakoniques New World Lore FUNDED

 15k Shan Bennion Warrenguard Postcard for Physical Backers FUNDED

 20k Jay Dragon New Rider Archetype

Press, Praise, & Actual Plays


"It sure looks homey, and magical, and filled with dragons and joy! Warrenguard is the latest game taking flight from Luck of the Harbor and the profoundly creative, modest yet brilliant Natalie Pudim. Warrenguard was my hype-building news ahead of PAX Unplugged and then one of my “must plays” of 2024."


"I haven't been this excited for a game in years. The gameplay captures a distinct balance of connection and individuality that feels so real even while steeped in the fantastic. It hooks you so quickly, you'll always be looking to the next session." Brian A Liberge, Games on Demand

"Warrenguard is everything Fourth Wing should have been. It's a perfect mix of the Earthsea Cycle and Dragonriders of Pern, with plenty of slice-of-life and queer love to go around, and I'm so excited for new and old gamers alike to get their hands on it!" Jacqueline Bryk

"Warrenguard gives me everything I want in a tabletop game: collaborative worldbuilding, easily understood and unique mechanics, and a passionate sense of wonder and joy. Sessions can be heartfelt, humorous, intense, urgent, and romantic - the potential is limitless. I tell everyone I know about this game; I can't wait to bring the magic home with me." Sara Rieger, Martlet Games

“Warrenguard is an absolute joy. The cozy and intimate warmth found in building your world blends perfectly with the cool exhilaration of the action-packed skies of dragon riding. This game is a breath of fresh air for the tabletop scene.“ Livelygold, Playtester

"I love how Warrenguard builds characters, a home, and a world so easily, so quickly. Yet, I'm also amazed at how real it all felt in the very first scene and I was playing with strangers! The systems are easy to learn and help tell amazing story, make for great scenes, and yet a ton of fun in combat too. There's real encouragement here to build, roleplay, and have fun. Oh and there's dragons! I've played many games and I've never been so immediately invested. Come on, your dragon is waiting for you!" Rob Pontious aka silentinfinity, Playtester, KnowDirectionPodcast.com

Actual Plays

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Shipping & Fulfillment


All shipping fees will be charged separately, AFTER the campaign, during pledge management. The prices below are estimates for the DRAGONRIDER Pledge level. Actual shipping prices will be determined after production is finished and we're gearing up to send out the books, dice and tokens. Also, if you add-on additional physical items to your order, your shipping cost may increase.

Estimated shipping costs 

$20 USA
$25 UK
$30 Canada
$35 Australia, NZ, Ireland, Norway


Luck of the Harbor is partnering with our long-time friends at Indie Press Revolution for physical fulfillment

  • When you pledge to this project, you acknowledge that the final product may differ in various aspects from what's presented during the campaign. Luck of the Harbor committed to delivering the best quality products, but changes in design, size, or content are possible.
  • Sadly both Luck of the Harbor and BackerKit are unable to provide refunds on collected pledges.
  • Fulfillment is targeted for digital items is scheduled for December 2024, with physical fulfillment in early 2025, but this may adjust. Monthly updates will keep you informed of any changes.
  • By finalizing your pledge before the last address confirmation, you agree to the shipping terms. Ownership and risk of the package transfer to you upon its handover to the carrier. You are responsible for any import duties or taxes. Please ensure your delivery information is accurate.
  • We will make every possible effort to contact you via email before distributing rewards. 
  • Report any damaged or missing items to [email protected] within 30 days of receipt. For lost or misdelivered packages, report within 60 days of the shipping date for our follow-up or reshipment.
Meet the Team

Natalie Pudim Game Designer & Author Natalie Pudim of Luck of the Harbor is the queer, trans game designer behind Warrenguard and Sapphic Space Pirates. She designs games about human relationships in fantastic settings. When not designing tabletop roleplaying games, you can find her watching wrestling and doing improv in Baltimore Maryland, and traveling to conventions to run games for Games on Demand. Lara Paige Turner Editor Lara Paige Turner is a game writer and developer out of the Seattle area, who's been making strange little games about being trans and autistic since before she realized she was either. She takes her coffee black, and has a day job slinging books at her local library. AnonymousGob Dragon Illustrator AnonymousGob is a black, queer transmasc illustrator and character designer. He has been making art for zines, comics and small businesses for over 10 years. They get much of their influence from anime and anything to do with fantasy. In their free time, they spend way too much time playing Pokemon and watching anime. He still daydreams about the day he'll be able to get a cat to watch him play video games. Abbey Kelly Art Director & Layout Designer Abbey Kelly is the creative chaos behind the coin-flipping game Heads & Tales. They do overlays and graphics for AP streams and podcasts, and recently have dabbled in watercolours. She's been an improviser for about ten years, and streams Stardew Valley to reset.
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