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Hey MCDM, I absolutely love your work, been a backer on everything since Strongholds and Followers. I primarily play through VTT these days, and I'm excited to see what you guys can cook up when it comes to that field. I know you're in an early state, but it was mentioned offhand by Matt that it would possibly be subscription based. I know this is the big thing in software these days, paying for a monthly license, it keeps the revenue flowing in, etc. As someone who grew up without a lot of money, who would get money in bursts instead of consistently for a monthly fee, I feel like this would be a barrier for play. Is this the primary pathway you're exploring when it comes to the monetization side? Is it possible to explore a "Lifetime Product Key" similar to FoundryVTT? I want to continue to support MCDM, but the thought of another Monthly Fee just to play my game sounds like just another barrier to play for someone who no longer has a group locally to play. If not, just some more clarification about how we'll be able to purchase and access the VTT would be appreciated.

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