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This is a fast paced card and dice game for people who love sports and people who love to hate sports!
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Welcome to Sportsball!

Welcome to SPORTSBALL!, the fast-paced card game that merges strategic gameplay with dexterity. In a world where sports have been transformed, do you have the prowess to outscore your opponents and become the ultimate champion?

At the heart of this exhilarating game is the LEGEND card - a unique mechanic that challenges your strategic thinking while testing your physical skill. Can you roll a die with enough precision to land on or touch the LEGEND Card? Your accuracy in this pivotal moment can turn the tide of the game!

What's in the game?

Here are all the things included in the physical game!

How To Play

SPORTSBALL! - Quick Play Guide

1. Set up 4 Location Cards face up next to the Location Deck.
2. Put the Sportsball Legend Card at the center of the table.
3. Give each player 3 face up Equipment Cards and put the Equipment Deck in reach of all players.
4. First person to roll a 6 goes first.
5. Your turn. 
  1. Declare which Equipment Card you wish to use at your desired Location and then roll the dice to determine if you succeed or fail to win the Big Game at that Location! The Equipment Card will tell you the value you must roll to win the Big Game at that Location.  If you don’t see a value listed on your Equipment Card for the Location you want to try, DON'T WORRY, you can take a chance by rolling a 6 at ANY Location to win that Big Game! 
  1. Discard one of your Equipment Cards to draw a new one and end your turn.   
6. If you roll your dice and it comes to rest touching any part of the Sportsball Legend Card, you may choose to gain plus 1 to your total roll. This helps very much when you have the wrong Equipment Card and need a perfect 6 to succeed!
7. If your dice roll succeeds, you take that Location Card.  After that, replace the Location Card you took with a new one. THEN, replace the Equipment Card you just used with a new one.  The number on the Location Card in the Medal represents your Score.   
8. If you win a Location by rolling a 6, you "Sportsball", and MAY decide after seeing the new Location Card decide to keep the Equipment Card instead of discarding it as usual.
9. If you win a Location Card with a total score of 7 by rolling a 6 and utilizing the Sportsball Legend Card, you gain the additional benefit of Taking Another Turn Immediately. That's an Instant Replay!
10. If you fail the roll, you end your turn.
11. If you fail by rolling a 1 OR roll the dice off of the table, you Fumble and break your Equipment.  Discard it, draw a new Equipment Card, and end your turn.
12. Shuffle the Equipment Card Deck as it runs out and continue.
13. When the last Location is won, the game ends.  Add up your total point Score on the Location Cards that  you've won to see who has the most points.  Whoever has the most points Wins!


14. For a 5-6 player game, use 8 Sports Groups of 3 Equipment Cards and 3 Location Cards each. (2-4 player game uses sports 6 Sports Groups) Sports Groups are 3 Equipment Cards and 3 Location Cards that share the same colored and striped border. 
15. The Hail Mary Die has three 1’s and three 6’s and may be used by each player ONCE per game.


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Shipping Cost Estimates

We are pleased to announce that we will be shipping SPORTSBALL! via the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS is renowned for its superior tracking services and reliability, which will allow us to provide you with real-time updates as your game makes its way to your doorstep. We understand that trust is paramount, and by choosing USPS, a trusted and reliable shipping service, we aim to build and maintain that trust with our backers. Rest assured, your game will be in safe hands and delivered to you as swiftly as possible.



September 9th, 2023: Launch and Initial Funding
On this exhilarating day, we commence our journey, fueled by the optimism that the vibrant support from our community will help us meet our funding goals swiftly. This marks the beginning of a thrilling venture.

September 10th - September 19th, 2023
: Finalizing Game Elements
Building upon our initial success, the devoted team at Modern Artifice will spend the next ten days engrossed in refining every detail of the game production. Our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that we will deliver a product that meets the highest standards of quality.

September 20th - September 29th, 2023
: Receiving Printed Proofs
Eleven days post-funding, we plan to have the final printed proofs of SPORTSBALL! in hand. This vital stage enables us to implement necessary refinements, assuring that the end product satisfies our stringent quality criteria.

October 7th, 2023
: End of Backerkit
By this date, we aim to conclude our Backerkit phase. The extension until this day allows us to accommodate more contributions and ensures a streamlined processing time, bringing you one step closer to the game action.

October 11th - November 8th, 2023
: Production and Assembly
Thanks to our well-planned and efficient approach, we anticipate a smooth production phase that lasts nearly four weeks. During this time, every game unit will be meticulously assembled, primed to journey to eager players across the globe.

November 9th - December 4th, 2023
: Shipping Phase Commences!
The time everyone has been anticipating is finally here! Over this nearly four-week period, SPORTSBALL! will be dispatched from our warehouses, gradually reaching the doorsteps of gaming aficionados worldwide.

Potential Delays
While we strive to adhere to the outlined timeline, we recognize that unforeseen factors might introduce delays, such as production challenges, shipping disruptions, or global events. Nevertheless, we commit to maintaining transparency and keeping you informed at every stage. Our promise is to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, smoothly and without any glitches.

Accessibility at Modern Artifice: Our Commitment to Inclusive Gaming

At Modern Artifice, we believe games are for everyone. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring SPORTSBALL! is not just fun but also inclusive and accessible to all.

1. Color-Blind Friendly Design:

We recognize that color perception varies widely among individuals. In our commitment to inclusivity, we've meticulously selected card colors and designs that cater to the widest range of color vision deficiencies. Our design choices ensure players won't be hindered by color confusion, providing a seamless gaming experience for everyone. Any vital information that Color would convey is also available via the Card text.

2. High-Contrast Fonts:

Clear visuals are paramount in gameplay. To that end, we've incorporated high-contrast fonts that stand out vividly against their backgrounds. This design approach is not only aesthetically pleasing but also heightens legibility. Whether you're in dim lighting conditions or have visual impairments, our cards are designed to be straightforward and easy to read.

3. Continuous Improvement:

Our journey towards accessibility doesn't end with the release of sportsball!  We're always exploring new avenues and methodologies to further enhance the inclusivity of our games. Every decision we make is in pursuit of creating the most accessible and enjoyable experience for our players.

Modern Artifice's mission transcends crafting engaging games; we aim to make gaming available and delightful for everyone. With SPORTSBALL!, we're elated to progress towards a more inclusive gaming environment. As always, we're receptive to suggestions and insights that push us further in this mission.

Thank you for being a part of our dedication to accessible gaming!

About Us

Modern Artifice Games: A Trio's Dream-Turned Reality

Jimmy Tierney, Lead Game Designer (He/Him):
Jimmy's love for games goes beyond the table. He is an aficionado of both disk and regular golf, and he understands the thrill of strategy, the spirit of competition, and the joy of play. This passion translates beautifully into his game designs, always ensuring they’re not just games, but experiences. As a Special Needs Gym teacher his design focus is on inclusivity and fun for ALL! His creativity is the backbone of "SPORTSBALL!", ensuring every roll, move, and strategy is both challenging and fun.

Michele Swedis, Lead Art Director (They/Them):

For Michele, every card isn’t just a piece of cardboard, it's a canvas. With a deep-rooted love for art and an eye for detail, they bring the world of "SPORTSBALL!" to life in vibrant color and imaginative designs. Michele believes that visuals do more than just supplement the game - they tell a story, evoke emotions, and immerse players into a whole new universe.

Guiseppe Martino, Head of Modern Artifice (They/Them):

The charismatic frontman and producer of "SPORTS BALL!", Guiseppe embodies the spirit and energy of Modern Artifice. A true believer in the power of games to connect people, they have been described as the driving force that brings our wildest imaginations to the masses. Guiseppe ensures that every product isn't just a game but a celebration of creation, camaraderie, and community.

we are Modern Artifice Games - a harmonious blend of game design, artistic vision, and passionate production. We come from diverse backgrounds but are united by our love for gaming, art, and the magic that happens when the two combine. "SPORTSBALL!" is a testament to our shared vision and our commitment to bringing innovative, heartwarming games to tables everywhere.

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