Tammie Webb Ryan
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Deluxe Upgrade Unlocked!

Thank you, again, backers!

Yesterday was an exciting first day for this campaign—thank you so much for your support, which helped us fund and unlock our first stretch goal. This morning we’ve hit our second stretch goal, and the first upgrade to the deluxe edition of The Weird has been unlocked!

Now that we’ve upgraded the deluxe edition, let’s upgrade your character sheet! We’d like to make a set of stickers to “weird up” your character sheet—because your character's sheet needs to be as unique as the game you're playing. We'll make weird images and replacement headers for the sheet, to dress up the common entries like "Equipment" and "Special Abilities." You can highlight that strange new magic item you found, or tailor the sheet to your own personal oddities. Use them to modify your character sheet however you want to make it weird.

This sticker sheet will be included with every copy of The Weird. If your rewards include The Weird (standard or deluxe edition) in print, you’ll get the sticker sheet too. We’ll unlock the weird stickers at $250,000.

Keep spreading the word! We have lots of additional upgrades and expansions—weird, practical, or both—we’d like to make to The Weird, The Glimmering Valley, the decks, and more. Let’s unlock this stretch goal, and see what else we can do!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG

Goal: $250,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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