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Project Update: Let’s Get Weird!

Hello, backers—

It’s been a couple of months since our fantastic campaign for The Weird. Our design team has been hard at work finishing up the book and preparing it to move into editing, layout, and production. This book has an amazing density of ideas—whereas a typical RPG supplement might have many cool, even mind-blowing concepts per page, The Weird has dozens or even hundreds of them. Page after page. List after list.

Here are just a few of the many, many topics the design team has been working on, with an example weird idea from each:

  • Weird Weather: Rain that washes away memories
  • Weird Curses: The victim's face is erased, leaving only tiny pinholes for eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears on a blank expanse
  • Weird Materials: Liquified hate
  • Weird Food: A still-living fish pinned to a wooden board
  • Weird Space Anomalies: Deck plating and bulkheads begin sprouting strange growths that resist herbicide
  • Weird Cities: City buildings dangle from the limbs of a gigantic tree

That’s just half a dozen of the over 5,000 (so far!) weird ideas that Monte, Sean, and Bruce have already assembled as they work to make this title the most inspiring game aid in your collection!

We’ll keep you updated as The Weird moves into future stages. For now, everything’s on track, and we’re excited about what a great resource this book is going to be!

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—Team MCG




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