Morgan's Escapes - Play-at-home puzzling mysteries.

Morgan's Escapes - Play-at-home puzzling mysteries.

You receive a letter from a friend asking for your help to release evidence of a cover-up. You must use all your puzzle solving skills to unlock the online safe which holds the evidence. It is then up to you what you do with the information you unlock!
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I completed my very first escape room back in 2012 and was instantly hooked! I began designing my own games as an end of year treat for my pupils and as an exciting way to give gifts to friends and family. At the end of 2020 I opened Morgan’s Escapes to share my games with a wider audience. 

At the moment, all games are designed and constructed by me. I also print and put these games together at home. I want to improve on this and get these games professionally printed along with custom folders/envelopes. This campaign is to raise funds to have my newly designed games professionally printed and posted out to backers.

The Games

Two play-at-home, escape room inspired, puzzle games are on offer in this campaign.

Each game contains an introduction letter with instructions on how to play and where to access hints. Everything needed to decipher the puzzles and solve the mystery can be found in the envelope provided. Puzzles are hidden throughout various items that fit with the theme of the game. You will need an internet connected device to access hints and enter your final code.

Play alone or with friends, family or colleagues. Suitable for 1-6 players. The suggested age for these games is 14+ however younger players can join in the fun but may need some adult guidance. Duration: ~ 45-60 minutes.


Susan is a receptionist at Spring Hill High School - a private school who have strict entrance requirements. Every year, pupils take entrance exams to assess their suitability for Spring Hill, as well as attend taster days and interviews. Scholarships are available for those who perform exceptionally well in the selection process. Susan has uncovered evidence of exam tampering, resulting in dubious scholarship offers going out to prospective pupils.

Susan is being carefully watched by her employers so cannot leak the evidence she has found herself. In an attempt to protect her identity, she has locked the evidence in an online safe and sent you a school information pack with hidden clues to access the safe.

To the untrained eye, it looks exactly as you'd expect a school welcome pack to look. Containing a welcome letter, school timetable and map, equipment list, a sample canteen menu, leaflets for school clubs and some fun tasks to complete over the summer holidays.

Example : A seemingly innocent leaflet for the school drama club.

Solve all nine puzzle to reveal the access code to an online safe which holds evidence of exam tampering. It is then up to you what you do with the information you unlock!

Acceptance Game Elements - These items may be updated / change as a result of feedback from play testing.


Dafydd and Ffion Parry, owners of The Dragon Hotel, died in a freak canoeing accident. Their son, Aled, is set to receive their whole estate, which includes the hotel. Dafydd has an unknown second child, and heir, who deserves their fair share of the estate. Dafydd has heard rumours of this second heir and wants any and all evidence destroyed. A former hotel employee has been quietly collecting evidence and has reached out for your help.

The unknown employee, fearing for her own safety, uploads the evidence she has collected to an online safe and sends you a hotel welcome pack with hidden clues to open this safe.

The package you receive looks exactly as you'd expect a hotel welcome pack to look. It contains a welcome letter, brochure for the onsite spa, a menu for their award winning restaurant, a validated parking ticket, business cards for local firms as well as some leaflets for local attractions.

Example : A perfectly innocent looking leaflet for a local attraction.

You must use all problem solving skills to solve these hidden puzzles and break into the online safe. Solve all nine puzzle to reveal the access code to an online safe which holds DNA evidence of this second heir. What you do with the evidence you unlock is up to you!

Inheritance Game Elements - These items may be updated / change as a result of feedback from play testing.



Below are some of the reviews I have received for games I already have on sale.


All games have been printed on my trusty home printer and play tested. The files are ready to go off to a professional printer as soon as the funds are received from backerkit. The printing company I am using has a very quick turn around, it will then take some time to collate all the game elements - I will be calling in help for this bit! I am aiming to begin shipping the beginning of November.

Stretch Goals



Please note - shipping will be charged post-campaign via BackerKit.

No game is bigger than A4 and I anticipate most orders will be within the size and weight boundaries to be posted as a large letter. The two games on offer come in at just under 400g. Adding the third game (if the stretch goal is reached) brings it to just over 500g, which is well within the large letter limit.

The prices below are rough estimates based on the above and assuming postage prices remain the same between now and November.

UK: £3 Large letter size

Europe: £6 Large letter size

Rest of World: £9 Large letter size

Please note, these prices do not include VAT, taxes or Customs fees outside of the UK.

Risks and Challenges

These games have been designed and play tested and are ready to be professionally printed within the UK. 

I have an excellent track record of producing high-quality puzzle game kits and dispatching these on time to customers. I don’t anticipate any delays in production, but if this does happen, I will keep backers well informed and updated as necessary.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project