Slugblaster: Game of the Year Edition

Slugblaster: Game of the Year Edition

Slugblaster is an award-winning tabletop roleplaying game about hoverboards, giant bugs, and trying to be cool. We're reprinting the game in a new deluxe hardcover Game of the Year Edition, complete with pizza box, dice set, and map playsheets!
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Last year, Mikey Hamm released Slugblaster | Kickflip Over a Quantum Centipede. Since then, Slugblaster has sold out its first print run, attracted a passionate community of players, and been named the IGDN's Game of the Year

In celebration, Mikey and Mythworks are teaming up for a new, high-quality print of Slugblaster, and a chance to get this beloved game into the hands of even more wonderful weirdos. 

This campaign's goal is to raise funds to print and produce Slugblaster: Game of the Year Edition: a full reprint of the core game slammed with mind-bending features like:

  • Hardcover, with smyth-sewn binding and spot UV finish!
  • All-New Pizza Box GM Screen to keep that new hardcover steaming hot and fresh.  
  • Slugblaster Dice Set with custom pips and color-coded results. Radical!  
  • Poster-Sized Maps of the multiverse to use in play or frame on your wall. 
  • And More!

With your help, we can make it happen!


About Slugblaster

In the small town of Hillview, teenage hoverboarders sneak into other dimensions to explore, film tricks, go viral, and get away from the problems at home. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. It’s got parent groups in a panic. And it’s the coolest thing ever. 

This is Slugblaster. A tabletop rpg about teenagehood, giant bugs, circuit-bent rayguns, and trying to be cool.

You'll build your teenage character by combining a personality with a signature device. You might be a gutsy kid with a hardlight board, a chill kid with a robot companion, or a meta-terrestrial princess with a suped-up gravity gauntlet.

Then you and your friends will form a crew and grind the multiverse. Blow off school and skate the abandoned mall. Get the Miper sponsorship by speed-running Prismatia. Salvage power crystals from ancient mecha. Sneak into the hottest party in Popularia. 

Just make sure you get home before the demiplane melts, or the dreadfly sucks the math from your organs, or your mom finds out where you've been and sends you away to a camp for troubled youths or something. 

The ruins of an advanced civilization, grown over by dense, sparkling rainforest. Decommissioned gundam sleep under blankets of moss.

The Vibes

The Vibes. Slugblaster channels the action and energy of Jet Set Radio Future, Scott Pilgrim, and the Spider-Verse movies, and explores the teenage experience by channelling coming-of-age stories like 8th Grade, A Goofy Movie, and Big Hero 6.

Inside the game you'll find: 

  • Sticker designs of rival crews, detailed schematics of hoverboards and rayguns
  • Full-page in-world ads selling you powered sneakers and PSAs by concerned parent groups warning you of the dangers of slugblasting.
  • Dozens of terrifying monsters, detailed factions, and rich extra-planar worlds
  • Hardlight boards, negafriciton katanas, laser-deflecting t-shirts, anti-grav stickers, and loads of other fun gear.
  • Stunning art from a team of illustrators 
  • Guest content by writers such as Grant Howitt, Nathan Blades, and Wendy Y. 
  • Pages and pages of rollable tables to help you create your own hoverboards, monsters, rayguns, dimensions, and more. 


The Rules

Slugblaster uses stripped-down Forged in the Dark rules with a simple d6 system:

Each mechanic of the game feeds into a cycle of play lovingly designed to support: 

  • Collaborative, player-driven sandbox campaigns and free-form cinematic action.
  • Looking cool and doing tricks! Pop your gum in slow-mo while you do a 1080 over jets of slime.
  • Gear-hacking and component-collecting. 
  • Fame and popularity! Get fans, earn sponsorships, wear a t-shirt with your face on it.
  • Narrative downtime arcs, where you buy scene prompts with points you earn during your adventures. 
  • Quick character creation, deep character advancement. 
  • Getting chased by psionic crocodiles.

To create your character, pick a Personality + Signature Item and fill out the playbooks: 

An example of the Guts' personality sheet.
Two examples of signature item sheets— the Gravity Blaster and the Voidwear Backpack.



"Just read through Slugblaster, and wow it is fantastic! Highly, highly recommended." –John Harper, designer of Blades in the Dark

"I have never had more fun reading a game manual." –Sam Leigh of @GoblinMixtape

“A combination of all the elements that make a game unique and readable and playable and beautiful and innovative and evocative and... fun?” –Alex Sprague, IGDN

"I read Slugblaster and now I have to redesign my game" –Riley Daniels

"It made me feel 20 years younger and a thousand years old at the same time." –Chris Lowry in Tabletop Gaming

"Strong Mountain Dew-brained sensibilities... A beautiful art-style combined with THE best page layouts I've ever seen in a game" - Zayda The Forward Thinker


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The New Edition

The Book. We're reprinting the iconic 9 x 9" 164-page Slugblaster manual in hardcover, with spot UV finish and smith-sewn binding. Dripping with color and ready for action.


The Maps. Slugblaster's cover artist, Sex on a Pizza, has created gorgeous maps of two famous Slugblaster locations, printed on a fold-up poster that looks just as good on your wall as your table.

A bustling, exotic utopian city. Locals trade olives and spices in the forum, discuss the multiverse in ancient temples, and try to ignore all the ghosts.

The Dice.
We'r designing a set of custom Slugblaster dice, color-coded to beam your brain the results of your roll in nano-seconds. (They'll work great with CBR+PNK and other Forged in the Dark games too!)

Mockup of the color-coded Slugblaster dice.

The Box. And of course, the all-new pizza box. This deep dish beauty is printed with fluorescent ink, has extra storage for dice and swag, and magnetically seals to to protect society from the burning hotness of everything we've loaded in there. Best of all, flip the box on its edge and it transforms into a three-panel GM screen—with GM tools on one side and stunning new panoramic art by Hamburger Hands on the other. 
All new psychedelic art by the legendary Hamburger Hands.

Mock up of folded poster, Slugblaster dice, hardcover book, and the new pizza box set up in GM screen mode!

The Swag. We have die-cut stickers featuring Sex on a Pizza's incredible designs, pin-back buttons straight off the game's rollable pin table, Wift Wabbit finger boards, and even limited-edition full-sized skate decks for our highest tier. And we want to add more and more. Keep an eye on the achievements in the community tab to see just how much we can unlock.



The majority of funds for this project are going into the reprinting, including the new bells and whistles like the Pizza Box, Dice, and Maps.

The rest of the money goes to the Art + Design for those new bells and whistles (we had to design a box, people!) and a healthy Contingency.



We estimate to complete the campaign by Summer of 2024.  

Here's our estimated timeline as well as the steps taken along each way:

  • Design New Art. All of the art for the project is finished save for anything that might arise via the campaign. We'll be trying to design these as live as possible with the campaign and finish them shortly after, taking in total about 1-2 months.  September - November 2023

  • Finalize Printing Specs. The core Slugblaster book is finished, but we need to finalize everything that goes into the box (dice, stickers, play surfaces) and the box itself. Right now we're at the stage where we're white boxing from different manufacturers to get the specifications exactly right. Finalizing everything will probably take until the end of the year. December 2023

  • Go to Print. We have quotes from printers already that may change slightly based on the final specifications, but we'll be ready to go to print fairly soon.  Printing is a six week process, but with the Lunar New Year lurking we're going to set a completion date for right after that. January- March 2024

  • Ocean Freight. From the print of the books we then ship them out to our warehouses in the USA, UK, & Germany. This usually takes about a month but in the past has taken as long as three months. Overall, this is the step that's hardest to predict timewise. April 2024

  • Fulfillment. From our warehouses we'll send trucks to other warehouses in neighboring countries and then out to you, Backers! May 2024



The world is chaotic and things are constantly changing when it comes to worldwide logistics. It's tricky. It sucks. There's no way to predict accurate shipping at the time of a campaign's fulfillment and rates continue to go up. We're charging for shipping after the campaign ends near fulfillment.

We've learned a lot over the past few years, including the need to over-communicate and be absolutely 100% transparent when it comes to logistics and shipping.

So here's exactly how we're going to handle shipping:

1. Announce Shipping Rates. We'll make sure you're well aware of the shipping rates by listing the full rates here as well as having them implemented on BackerKit. We'll make several announcements during the week and give Backers two weeks until we charge cards. 

2. Two Week Grace Period.
We'll announce once again the shipping rates again after one week to make sure everyone knows what they are and that the charges are imminent.

3. Give Final 48 Hours Notice to Charge Cards.
After the two weeks we'll give a final 48 hour notice that charges will be going out.

4. Charge for Shipping. Then we'll charge for shipping and push them through to fulfillment. 

We have warehouses in the USA, UK, and EU from where we'll be sending out goods. 

We're actively working on finding better partners and solutions for Canada and Australia/New Zealand, but rates remain very high for those territories. 


Meet the Team

Mikey Hamm lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife Stephanie and their two children, Pixelwitch and Mr. Boomerang. He feels privileged to spend his early mornings doing something as wonderfully unimportant as making games.

Mythworks is a publisher of Original Stories and Original Worlds founded in 2014 by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou, Mythworks crafts modern myths deep in wonder and lore, reflecting humanity through the power of storytelling. 

Community & Stretch Goals!

One of our goals with this campaign is to make it as interactable as possible. We have a ton of fun stretch goals and unlockables for this campaign - and we want you to help us not only reach them, but choose what rewards you get!

Check out the Community tab for the latest and stop in and say hello! 

Backer Count

69 backers - Mikey Raps! (See it!)
360 backers - Mikey Does a frontside 180! (See it!)
420 backers - Map downloads for backers!
500 backers - Mikey Gets Slimed!!! (See it!)
690 backers - ??? TBA TODAY
780 backers - Mikey’s Wife Gets a Slugblaster Tattoo

Funding Level

$30k - FUNDED! Unlocks a backer voted prize for the box! (You voted for a Slugblaster patch! Woo!)
$32k - MORE MAPS! Two more location maps for the box! Can you guess which ones?
$35k - MORE SWAG! Unlocks a RANDOMLY ROLLED PRIZE! We rolled.... ENAMEL PIN!
$40k - ???  SOUNDTRACK!
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