Amber Stone
about 1 month ago

Project Update: Updates! Pin production

Hey, everyone! Just a quick update.
94% of surveys are in! Thank you all for being so quick. ^^
Since we hit 90% pretty quickly, I was able to get our order/final quote in around the beginning of the month. 
Production files have come back already and, as always, there have been a round of changes.
And a lot of sitting on my porch staring at Pantone books in the sunlight.
It's a tedious process but I kind of enjoy it. It's gotten me very acquainted with my new over ear headphones. Lol. 
The corrected proofs should be back in the next couple of days and, once those are approved, production will begin!
These pins are being manufactured at the same time as my Creatuary pins so don't be surprised if you catch some sneak peeks of those as well. 
That's it for now! Thank you all for your support.

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