Dragon's Hoard Miniatures Remastered

Dragon's Hoard Miniatures Remastered

Remastered collection of physical miniatures from our first two volumes of Dragon's Hoard Miniatures at an unbeatable special price - including re-posed, re-designed and variant versions!
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Welcome to Dragon's Hoard Remastered!

Dragon’s Hoard Remastered contains over 110 minis, including goblins, bugbears, orcs, undead, animals, oozes and so much more. We’ve even got your party and NPC needs covered with 15 player character models that feature variety of lineages and classes, plus an assortment of models destined to be your campaign’s main villain, such as the dreaded Death Knight, malevolent Lich Sorcerer and devious Rakshasa!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Dragon's Hoard without an imposing draconic miniature. The fearsome Red Dragon stands 148mm tall with a wingspan of 237mm and is included free with the All-In Pledge!

What's new and improved in the Remaster?

This campaign includes a majority of the models from the very first Dragon’s Hoard campaign launched back in 2021. We re-sized, re-posed, re-cut, and re-imagined a large number of the models since then so that they are now even better than before and fit alongside our current scale and aesthetic standards. We’ve also added some all-new variant versions of some of the models to give your heroic adventures even more variety!

We’ve also included a brand-new figure as the first stretch goal – the Otyugh Glutton! This massive sewer dweller hasn’t missed a meal – and your party might be next on the menu!

It Wouldn't be a Dragon's Hoard Without a Dragon...

The marquee miniature of the campaign is the Red Dragon (center above) and every All-In Pledge includes one for free! Above you can see the production test model of the Red Dragon along with a few other miniatures, including the Dracolich (on the left) and Gold Dragon (on the right) from some of our previous projects. Each of the dragons sits on a 75mm base and you'll be able to purchase each of the three dragons as an Add-On in this campaign down below!



Let's talk about Stretch Goals!

We’re running this campaign a bit different than other RPG miniatures campaigns you may have seen in the past. Rather than playing games and hiding a bunch of miniatures behind locked stretch goals, we’ve decided to lay it all out there from the start so you can see right away that you’re getting exceptional bang for your buck. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some stretch goals along the way, just that we designed this campaign to ensure our backers were getting a great deal from day one - guaranteed!


What Are My Pledge Options?

Going "All-In" on Dragon’s Hoard Remastered gets you the absolute best deal you will find for an assortment of miniatures this size. This assortment would be priced at over $220 MSRP at retail. At the exclusive campaign price of only $119, you’re saving over $100 (that’s 45% off!) compared to our already incredibly affordable prices. A similar collection of minis from other popular miniatures lines would easily run over $300, making the exceptional value offered here easy to see. At roughly only $1 per mini averaged across all of the minis included (and that counts the huge Red Dragon, the other large models and stretch goals), you know you are getting a great deal.

Alternatively, with our “Pick 3” and “Pick 5” pledge options you can target exactly what you want. We’ve conveniently broken down the miniatures in the campaign into 7 themed packs so you can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you the most. The two "Pick" pledge options still offer exceptional value for the price (note: you’ll pick the specific packs you want after the campaign in the pledge manager and you can even select the same pack twice if you wish)!

Don't forget to check out the Add-Ons available to see what other extras you can add to enhance your pledge!

Want More Copies of a Specific Mini?

Additional copies of all of the minis available in the campaign, including the Red Dragon and unlocked stretch goals, will be available individually for purchase in the pledge manager (at a discount off MSRP).


Shipping is not included in the prices above. Shipping will be collected in the Pledge Manager after the campaign ends. For the full rundown of shipping costs to your location, please see the "Shipping Info" section below.


Encephalon Gorger artist: Armando Santellano

Our miniatures are made by us right here in the USA at our facility via injection mold with a high-quality thermoplastic resin. The materials and process we use results in an incredible amount of detail that you’ll be hard pressed to find from other miniatures lines at our price point. Not only that, but for those of you who love painting and customizing your minis, you can paint directly on our minis without the need for primer (although you can of course use primer if you prefer)!

A few of the miniatures come in multiple parts which will need to be assembled. You can use super glue (cyanoacrylate) to easily handle assembly. Additionally, each miniature will come with an appropriately sized round black plastic base (either 25mm, 50mm or 75mm) which you can attach the miniature to using super glue.

As with all miniatures made via an injection mold process, it can result in spots that may need a small amount of clean-up. We do our very best to make sure this is kept to an absolute minimum. The thermoplastic resin we use is exceptionally easy to work with to make any trimming, sanding or other preparation you may wish to do quick and simple.

Dragon Hatchling, Catfolk Sorcerer and Rakshasa artist: Nicholas E. Kelsch

What Scale Are Our Minis?

Our miniatures are produced at 28mm scale, which are perfect for use right alongside many other tabletop and RPG miniatures, including WizKids D&D line of fantasy miniatures, if you're familiar with those.

If you'd like to see a chart with a full list of minis with their approximate height, which release they were originally a part of, and what changes have been made to the model, please click here: Size Chart & Remaster Guide


Shipping Info & More!

Shipping Costs: The pricing quoted above is what you will be asked to pay in the Pledge Manager AFTER the campaign is over for an All-In Pledge. The shipping cost for the "Pick 3", "Pick 5", or a pledge of only a la carte minis will be lower and will vary based on the specific pledge items selected. Some campaigns give estimates for these costs and then change them later. We're not doing that as we want to give you a quote that you can rely on. You are responsible for all fees associated with shipment and receipt of your pledge rewards.

VAT & Other Taxes: We will charge VAT automatically for all EU and UK backers at the time you complete your pledge survey in the pledge manager. For non-US/EU/UK orders, you will be responsible for any and all applicable taxes, import duties, etc. that may be required by your government's tax laws.

Tracking: All orders will be shipped with tracking. We will send a shipping notification email that includes your tracking number once your pledge rewards are shipped.

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Shipping Address Responsibilities: You will be required to provide us with a valid shipping address to be able to receive your pledge rewards. You can update your shipping address with us at any time after you complete your order in the pledge manager by emailing us at [email protected]. It is your responsibility to make sure your address is up to date when fulfillment starts. We will give plenty of notice and reminders on this ahead of time, so please monitor our correspondence and update posts for this campaign. If you fail to provide the correct address or forget to update your address (for example, if you have moved since finalizing your pledge survey in the pledge manager), you will be charged the shipping cost again, plus any costs we incurred to reclaim the shipment. In the event your pledge rewards are lost due to an incorrect address (excepting due to an address error that is our fault) you will need to pay for your pledge rewards again as well.

Delivery: Delivery to every backer at the same time is not possible, but we will do our best to get shipments out to everyone in a timely manner. We will fulfill pledge rewards in an efficient manner, but depending on your location you may receive your rewards before or after others. Please note that your campaign backer # is not used to determine fulfillment.

Retail, Events & Conventions: It is our intention to deliver backers their pledge rewards as soon as possible and before any new products associated with this campaign are sold in retail channels. However, we reserve the right to sell those products at events and conventions at any time, even prior to fulfillment of the campaign. Events and conventions are a big marketing opportunity for us and having some of our newest products for sale is very important for growing our brand.

Cancellations and Refunds: During the crowdfunding phase of the campaign you can cancel your pledge at any time for a full refund. Backerkit charges your credit card only at the end of a successfully funded campaign. After that you can request a refund for your order at any time. Refunds requested within 14 days of the campaign ending will receive a full refund. Past that, the amount that can be refunded depends on where we are at in the production of the project and what costs have been incurred up to that point. Once the pledge manager closes refunds will not be possible.

Pledge Manager: We will be using Backerkit as the pledge manager after the campaign wraps up. It will open approximately two weeks after the end of the Backerkit campaign and will run up until a few weeks before fulfillment begins. Before we close the pledge manager, we will give backers ample time to finalize their pledges and will post multiple reminders in update posts about the deadline prior to the closing date. Failure to complete your pledge survey prior to the close of the pledge manager may result in delayed fulfillment and additional handling costs. Please monitor our updates and correspondence from this campaign carefully so you do not miss important news and deadlines.



Risks and Challenges

With the experience of bringing three crowdfunding campaigns to fruition, we have a firm grasp on what is needed to bring a project all the way from design/development to fulfillment. A majority of the molds and other necessary aspects of the project are already completed and in place, so we'll be starting production of the project even before the crowdfunding campaign ends!

The model sculpting is already complete, although minor alterations to ensure production quality and consistency may still need to be made. This should not affect the on-time delivery of the project. As with our first three projects, we will be producing all of the miniatures in-house here in the USA. The production equipment is already set up, in operation, and ready to go.

If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project