Sunrise Blossom #1-5

Sunrise Blossom #1-5

Life isn't easy as a lesbian harpy, but... After hardship and heartbreak, how hard can it be to move on and meet someone new?
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Sunrise Blossom #5

Sunrise Blossom is a coming-of-age story about Ivy, a young falcon harpy abandoned by her birth mother and raised by a family of owls. While travelling with her sister to learn about human culture, Ivy has an argument with her and is separated from her, only to be picked up by a human woman, Violet, who helps her discover herself and bloom into womanhood.  But it's only after a dramatic turn of events that Ivy discovers her romantic feelings for her human companion...

Sunrise Blossom is a comic that focuses on a harpy, a mythological creature that has historically had negative connotations, who struggles with her sexuality, her family, her trauma, and entering adulthood.


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  • Italy - 2€
  • Rest of the World - 30€

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Stretch Goals

If we reach 1500€, every backer who bought physical copies will get a free Ivy Nightclub Chibi Sticker:

If we reach 3000€, every backer who bought physical copies will get a free Fiona Nightclub Chibi Sticker:

If we reach 4500€, every backer who bought physical copies will get the stickers above but they'll be holographic instead of plain:

If we reach 6000€, every backer who bought physical copies will get a free Fatima thumbs-up Sticker:



You can get all current and previous issues of Sunrise Blossom as add-ons.

You can also get handmade keychains, made by myself in my studio with shrink plastic, permanent marker, coloured pencils, and UV resin.

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