Carnival Chaos Enamel Pin Collection

Carnival Chaos Enamel Pin Collection

Welcome to Carnival Chaos, where madness reigns! Enjoy this enamel pin collection inspired by the curiosities of the circus!
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Pintopia 2024

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      Thank you so much for being here to check out Carnival Chaos, an enamel pin collection inspired by the magic of the circus! I’m Pastel Pirate, and this will be my 7th enamel pin collection done through crowdfunding!

     A little info about crowdfunding; this project is an all or nothing campaign, meaning if we don’t get funded you won’t be charged! When you pledge, your pledge amount goes towards to total overall goal and then when the campaign is successfully funded you’ll be charged when the campaign ends<3 

     Without further ado, please enjoy the pins!!

The Pins

Below is an example of how the Magician will spin<3

Add Ons



     Please be aware that this is a tentative timeline, and certain things may happen to either delay or move these dates forward. I will do my best to stick to this timeline and keep everyone updated on how production is going<3

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Pintopia 2024

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (out of mine or BackerKit’s control) I am now without a collaboration partner for Pintopia. HOWEVER, we have something exciting planned for all my backers regardless! Everyone who backs my project, no matter how big or small the pledge, with receive a FREE enamel pin!

The pin will be 2 inches, with rose gold plating, glitter accents, and screen print details!:)
Thank you so much for supporting my art through this project, I really hope you enjoy the above freebie pin design as well as the pins in the campaign!<3 

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