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18 days ago

Project Update: New Pins!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share some new pin designs that were just added to the campaign! I’m pretty excited about them, especially the first one in particular!

It’s called Kintsugi, and it’s inspired by its name which is the term for a traditional Japanese method of repairing broken pottery. The pieces are glued back together and the seams are painted over with gold powder, thus preserving the piece and making it even more beautiful for its flaw! This pin will be 2 inches, have gold plating, and include screen print details.

The next design is called Balance! This one is for the people who love white, black, and gold pins! Something about that combination in pins is so stunning! It will be 2 inches and have gold plating!<3

I also added a couple of art prints featuring art from the campaign! 
What do you think of the new designs???<3 I’m excited to hopefully add more!!!
Have a great week! 
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