Spectral inventor Constantine Chronosmith, a master of time and mechanics, is trapped within his grand, intricate Clockwork Tower, desperately striving to stabilize his magnificent, chaotic creation, the Timepiece of Eternity. Do you dare to enter the Clockwork Tower, a time shifting D&D 5e campaign?
Clockwork Tower

Clockwork Tower

In this D&D 5e adventure, the Clockwork Tower, an enigma of whirling gears and steam, materializes in Esherton. This is the once-lost workshop of Constantine Chronosmith, who disappeared a century ago amidst time-altering experiments.
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As the first rays of dawn break over the horizon, an ominous shadow falls over the city of Esherton. The inhabitants wake to a strange spectacle - a colossal, intricate tower stands in the heart of their city, where nothing had been the night before. This massive edifice, humming with an unseen power, reaches towards the heavens. Its strange metallic surface shimmers in the morning light, and various parts of the tower shift and move like a grand clockwork mechanism come to life.

The Clockwork Tower

Whispers sweep through the city, speculations run wild, and fear seizes the hearts of the people. The scholars and elders of Esherton huddle in council, recognizing the telltale signs of the work of Constantine Chronosmith, a legendary artificer who disappeared without a trace a century ago.

With a blend of hope and trepidation, the council turns to you, a group of brave adventurers. They task you with the exploration of this "Clockwork Tower." Your mission? Unravel its mysteries, navigate its shifting, mechanical complexities, and find out what happened to its enigmatic creator.

So gear up, time-benders. The ticking of the tower beckons you. Will you rise to the challenge and uncover the secrets of the Clockwork Tower, or will you succumb to its mechanical might? The future of Esherton and the legacy of Constantine Chronosmith hang in the balance. Let the grand adventure begin!

It's time to step into Esherton, ascend the Clockwork Tower, face the time-tossed echo of Constantine himself, and prevent a temporal catastrophe.


NPCs in the game

Below are NPCs you will encounter in the game:

  • Mayor Elsbeth Windermere: The elected leader of Esherton, Mayor Windermere is a pragmatic woman known for her determination. She is deeply concerned about the appearance of the Clockwork Tower and the potential danger it poses to her city.
  • Professor Thaddeus Gearhardt: A historian and scholar with a focus on artifice and arcane engineering. He is the city's leading expert on Constantine Chronosmith and could provide valuable information on the Clockwork Tower.
  • Olivia Constantine: A direct descendant of Constantine Chronosmith. She's a young, aspiring artificer who idolizes her ancestor and yearns to learn more about his creations. Her family heirlooms might provide some insight into the Tower.

Inside the Clockwork Tower
  • Tick and Tock: A pair of clockwork constructs in the form of small, mechanical birds. They were programmed by Constantine to act as guides and helpers within the Clockwork Tower.
  • Echo of Constantine Chronosmith: This is the temporal echo of Constantine himself, trapped within his own creation. He appears at various times throughout the tower, offering cryptic advice and clues, his personality flickering between helpful and hostile.
  • M.A.I.N.T.E.N.A.N.C.E: A large, multi-armed clockwork automaton tasked with repairing and maintaining the other constructs within the Tower. It communicates via a series of whirrs, clicks, and mechanical noises that adventurers must decipher.

Monsters you encounter

Below are some of the monsters who inhabit the Clockwork Tower:

Pendulum Horrors:
Large, scythe-like creatures that hang from the ceiling, swinging back and forth in predictable, yet deadly, patterns. Their sharp edges are a menace to any who don't time their movements carefully.

Spring-Loaded Sprites:
These mischievous, tiny clockwork creatures flit around the tower, often seen maintaining or adjusting smaller mechanisms. They're not particularly harmful unless provoked, but their ability to repair other mechanical monsters could pose a challenge to adventurers.

Constantine's loyal mechanical pets, these clockwork dogs are as dangerous as they are loyal. They are equipped with sharpened metallic teeth and can run at incredible speeds thanks to their finely crafted spring-loaded legs.



Reward Level 1 - The Digital Almanac - $5 <- Early Bird Pricing!
Immerse yourself in a world where time and machinery intertwine. You will receive a beautifully designed, interactive PDF of the adventure, filled with memorable NPCs, intricate puzzles, and thrilling combat encounters. After the first 24hrs, the price will increase to $10.

Reward Level 2 - The Master Tinker's Toolkit - $10 <- Early Bird Pricing!
For a more comprehensive journey, pledge at this level to receive all the essentials and much more. This package includes high-resolution maps, VTT files, artwork files for each creature, location, items, and more. After the first 24hrs, the price will increase to $15.

Reward Level 3 - The Chronosmith's Codex - $25 <- Early Bird Pricing!
For true patrons of the art of chronosmithery, this level includes everything from Level 2, along with a gorgeous printed, full-color 8.5"x11" soft-cover book of the adventure. After the first 24hrs, the price will increase to $30.

Reward Level 4 - Gears and Gizmos - $55
Celebrating the Penny Blood Adventures 1-year anniversary. Receive four digital PDF books that include:
  • Clockwork Tower: that includes all digital assets
  • Creatures of the Realm
  • Arcane Codex
  • The Gourmet Guildmaster 

Reward Level 4 - Master of Time - $175
Collect the physical printed editions of four books at one low price:
  • Clockwork Tower
  • Creatures of the Realm
  • Arcane Codex
  • The Gourmet Guildmaster

Book cover for Clockwork Tower

Funding Goals

Our initial goal is to cover the cost of producing this adventure, but we have many exciting stretch goals planned! These include more artwork, new subclasses, more detailed maps, and even a hardcover edition!

Celebrating 1 Year of Penny Blood Adventures

It has been a fantastic year of adventuring since the launch of our first Penny Blood Adventure. To celebrate, we are introducing three exciting new additions to our catalogue with this campaign:

  • Creatures of the Realm: A Compendium of Beasts and Monsters - Explore the treacherous and captivating world of PBA adventures with this all-encompassing guide to over 170 unique creatures, each with its own lore, abilities, and strategies for adventurers to overcome. Available in Digital and Hard Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).
  • Arcane Codex: Lost Arts, Classes, and Rules of the Adventurer - Elevate your D&D gameplay with this essential rulebook that reveals new classes, spells, and magical items, along with original rules for activities like fishing, mass battles, and espionage. Available in Digital and Hard Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).
  • The Gourmet Guildmaster: Culinary Creations from a Year of Adventuring - Embark on a culinary journey with this cookbook that compiles a year's worth of D&D-inspired recipes, each telling its own story, transforming your table into a banquet worthy of any tavern. Available in Digital and Soft Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).
Our First Supplemental Rules and Creature Books!

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The Team

We are a dedicated team of D&D enthusiasts, experienced game designers, and artists passionate about bringing unique, immersive, and high-quality adventures to your tabletop.

Risks & Challenges

We've worked hard to ensure that this project is ready for production, and we've partnered with reliable service providers for printing and shipping. However, unexpected delays can occur, and we pledge to communicate regularly and honestly with our backers about any issues that may arise.


I am excited to share that we are in the process of bringing on additional artists to develop the visual content for the campaigns. Right now, I have been using Stock Art and Midjourney. Moving forward, we will use a combination of illustrators, sketch artists, and stock art. You will see the credits expand for each contributor at the opening of each book.

I am using some great artists now, but I am looking to expand and bring on additional talent. Please send me a message if you know of someone.

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