The Illustrated Troll, Three 1-shot D&D Adventures

The Illustrated Troll, Three 1-shot D&D Adventures

"The Illustrated Troll" is a collection of three 1-shot D&D 5e adventures
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Project Description

Dive deep into the rich tapestry of tales that span across the tattoos covering Azibo, the legendary troll. "The Illustrated Troll" is a collection of three unique D&D 5e campaigns inspired by the vibrant tales inked on Azibo's skin. Journey through cascading waterfalls, moonlit sanctuaries, and fiery rebirths. Each campaign is not just a series of battles but a chronicle of Azibo's heart, soul, and legacy.

The Saga of Azibo the Illustrated Troll

Azibo was born amidst the gentle embrace of towering mountains and lush valleys. His clan thrived on unity and traditional lore, and from a young age, Azibo was attuned to the spirit of the land. He was exceptionally curious and strong-willed, qualities that both vexed and endeared him to his kin.

A tattoo tells a story - what is the story of the Thunderous Waterfall?

A Thunderous Waterfall:
As a young troll, Azibo would frequently explore the wonders around him, but he was particularly drawn to a magnificent waterfall rumored to hold mysterious powers. On his eighteenth birthday, driven by youthful hubris, he made a wish at the waterfall to become the strongest among his clan. The spirits of the falls granted his wish, but at a grave cost: his family's memories of him were erased, turning him into a stranger in his homeland. Crushed by the weight of his decision and the isolation that followed, Azibo left his homeland, hoping to find a way to reverse the curse.

Azibo's battle against a malevolent shadow

A Silver Moon Cradled by Clouds:
During his travels, he found himself in a barren wasteland, the land of eternal dusk, where hope seemed but a fleeting memory. However, under the moon's soft glow, an ethereal apparition led Azibo to a sanctuary, a last bastion of life in this desolate expanse. The sanctuary's inhabitants saw the moon as their protector, and in gratitude for guiding Azibo, they shared with him ancient secrets of lunar magic. But this refuge was soon threatened by malevolent shadow beings seeking to blot out the moon and plunge the world into eternal night. Drawing from his newfound knowledge, Azibo rallied the sanctuary's defenders and embarked on a quest to restore the moon's brilliance.

Redemption? Can you rise from the ashes?

A Fiery Phoenix Rising from Ashes:
As time passed, Azibo's prowess grew, leading him to become a renowned protector of the realms. However, hubris once again clouded his judgment. Challenging a powerful dark warlord to battle, Azibo suffered a crippling defeat, his broken body left among the ruins of a fallen city. But destiny wasn't finished with him. A phoenix, the eternal symbol of rebirth, sensing the goodness in Azibo's heart, shared its life essence with him. In gratitude, Azibo pledged his allegiance to the phoenix. When the creature's eggs were stolen by a sorcerer seeking immortal power, Azibo, fueled by the fiery spirit of the phoenix, confronted his past failures and journeyed to reclaim the stolen legacy.

In the aftermath of his adventures, amidst the calm and reflection, Azibo felt an unyielding desire to immortalize the pivotal chapters of his life. He sought out a master tattoo artist, known to imbue each piece with a fragment of the world's magic.

Each tattoo not only served as a reminder of Azibo's journey but as a testament to the world. They chronicled the tale of a troll who faced insurmountable odds, danced with hubris, embraced redemption, and emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. With each step Azibo took, his tattoos narrated his saga, inspiring all who gazed upon them to persevere through their own trials and tribulations.

Stretch Goals

As our campaign for "The Illustrated Troll" continues to grow, we're thrilled to unveil our Stretch Goals! Each of these goals offers exciting additions and enhancements to our four short D&D 5e campaigns, based on Azibo's legendary tattoos. Here's what's in store:

$2,500 - Expanded Lore
When we reach this goal, we'll delve deeper into the worlds Azibo explores, providing backers with additional lore and history. Discover forgotten legends, ancient prophecies, and tales of the heroes and villains that have shaped these realms.

$5,000 - Backers Choice: New Magic Item

At this tier, the backers wield the power! We'll provide a selection of unique magical artifacts inspired by Azibo's adventures. Backers will have the chance to vote on their favorite, and the winning item will be illustrated and detailed, ready to be used in your own campaigns!

$7,500 - Backers Choice: New Trap

Danger lurks around every corner, and at this goal, it's up to you to decide its nature! Backers will get to vote on a series of cunning and treacherous traps inspired by the challenges Azibo faces. The chosen trap will then be brought to life with intricate designs and mechanics.

$10,000 - Backers Choice: New Monster
Face off against new foes! Upon reaching this goal, backers will be presented with a list of monstrous adversaries drawn from Azibo's legends. With your votes, one of these creatures will be fully realized, complete with illustrations, stats, and lore.

$15,000 - Additional One-Shot!!
The stories never end! If we achieve this lofty goal, we will craft an entirely new one-shot adventure, a standalone tale inspired by another of Azibo's tattoos. Journey to uncharted territories, face new challenges, and uncover more of Azibo's enigmatic past.

Thank you for your continued support, and together, let's bring Azibo's tales to life!

Three 1-Shot campaigns

Each campaign included in The Illustrated Troll can be played in about 1 hour. Below is a short description of each 1-shot:
  1. A Thunderous Waterfall: Navigate the treacherous waters, confront water spirits, and challenge a water deity. 
  2. A Silver Moon Cradled by Clouds: Protect a sanctuary from shadowy beings, gather ancient relics, and harness the power of the moon to dispel darkness.
  3. A Fiery Phoenix Rising from Ashes: Aid a Phoenix in distress, battle fire elementals, and reclaim stolen eggs from a fortress guarded by a wicked sorcerer.

You can play each game and follow the path Azibo took or you can use them as side quests for your own homebrewed adventures. 

Rewards and Add-ons

We're thrilled to offer a range of incredible rewards for our backers, ensuring you receive the best value for your support. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's in store:

$7 ($5 Early Bird for the first 48 hours) - PDF Explorer

  • Digital PDF-only version of "The Illustrated Troll" campaign.

$12 ($10 Early Bird for the first 48 hours) - Digital Enthusiast Bundle

  • Digital PDF of "The Illustrated Troll" campaign.
  • Detailed Maps & VTT Files: High-res maps of the Clockwork Tower and Esherton, optimized for virtual tabletop play.
  • Artwork Files: Vibrant digital artwork featuring unique creatures, locations, and magical items in the campaign.
  • Statblocks, Tokens, and Monster Cards: Comprehensive statblocks for all in-game entities, printable monster cards, and tokens.
  • Spells and Magic Items: Information and art for exclusive spells and magic items.
  • ePub Version: An ePub version for comfortable reading on tablets and other devices.
  • Session 0 Content: Pre-game teasers to set the mood for your players.
  • Sample Character Sheets: Ready-to-use character sheets designed to kick off your adventure.

$28 ($25 Early Bird for the first 48 hours) - Print Enthusiast

  • All rewards from the Digital Enthusiast Bundle.
  • A Full-Color Softcover 8.5”x11” Print of "The Illustrated Troll" campaign.

$40 ($35 Early Bird for the first 48 hours) - The Shattering Trilogy+ Bundle

  • Digital Only Edition of all four books ("The New Dark Age", "Crescent Moon Circus", "Catalyst" and "The Illustrated Troll"), complete with their respective digital assets.
  • An $80 total value, available exclusively on BackerKit for $60.

$45 ($40 Early Bird for the first 48 hours) - Premium Print Collector

  • All rewards from the Digital Enthusiast Bundle.
  • A Premium Full-Color Hardcover 8.5”x11” Print of "The Illustrated Troll" campaign.

$175 - Master Collector's Set

  • A Hardcover Edition of both "The Illustrated Troll" and "Creatures of the Realm".
  • Arcane Codex Hardcover Edition.
  • The Gourmet Guildmaster Softcover Edition.
  • Digital PDF and ePub versions included for all books.

Become a part of Azibo's journey. Select the reward tier that suits you best and dive into the legend!

  • $5 - have you name included in The Illustrated Troll
  • $15 - Digital Edition of The New Dark Age
  • $15 - Digital Edition of Crescent Moon Circus
  • $15 - Digital Edition of Catalyst
  • $40 - Digital Edition of the Shattering Trilogy - The New Dark Age, Crescent Moon Circus, and Catalyst
  • $60 - Hardcover 8.5’x11” premium print Edition of the Shattering Trilogy - The New Dark Age, Crescent Moon Circus, and Catalyst
  • $60 - Hardcover 8.5’x11” premium print Edition of Creatures of the Realm
  • $60 - Hardcover 8.5’x11” premium print Edition of Arcane Codex
  • $45 - Softcover 8.5’x11” premium print Edition of The Gourmet Guildmaster


Monsters you will encounter

In the world that our brave troll, Azibo, traverses, danger and enigma lurk around every corner. Foremost among these are the formidable creatures and adversaries, born from the very elements and emotions that shape his adventures. Near the mystical cascades, the Whispering Water Wraiths float, their ethereal forms shimmering in the spray. These spirits, seemingly benevolent in their power to grant wishes, possess a sinister propensity to contort desires, thriving on the chaos and raw emotions they incite.

As Azibo ventures into the land of eternal dusk, he must be wary of the Lunarbane Shades. Born from the very abyss of darkness, these shadowy entities despise any glint of light. Their malevolent goal is singular: to quench the sanctuary's protective moon, the last bastion against unending night.

Battle the Emberclaw Sorcerer (concept sketch)

The ember-lit paths Azibo treads are not without their own terror. The Emberclaw Sorcerer, driven by an insatiable lust for immortality, stands as a daunting adversary. This dark mage's intentions are clear: to harness the unparalleled power of the Phoenix's eggs, even if it scorches the entire realm in his wicked flames.

As you embark on these campaigns alongside Azibo, steel yourself. The path is fraught with peril, and the monsters that await are nothing short of legendary.


Allies in Azibo's Odyssey

In Azibo's quests, the realms are not only fraught with foes but are also blessed with allies, each pivotal in their own right. Within the misty veils of the waterfall, Azibo encounters Liora, the aged troll hermit. Her own tale is interwoven with the water's deceptive allure, making her a beacon of wisdom and caution. Guiding wayfarers away from the water's treacherous grip and assisting those looking to undo its sorcery, Liora stands as an invaluable mentor in Azibo's journey to mend his past.

You will meet many people on your journey, will Selene, the Moon Priestess, be friend or foe?

In the land of perpetual twilight, the luminous Selene, the Moon Priestess, reigns. Keeper of age-old lunar mysteries, she extends her hand in friendship to Azibo, unveiling to him the secrets of moonlit spells. Together, they channel the power of the sanctuary's moon, battling against the looming shadows that threaten their refuge.

The flame-lit trails of Azibo's path are not tread alone. By his side is Fenix, a warrior bound by destiny to the same Phoenix that granted Azibo a second chance at life. With a spirit as fiery as the bird itself, Fenix offers his unrivaled knowledge of the treacherous terrains that lead to the Emberclaw Sorcerer's stronghold, ensuring Azibo's journey does not turn to ashes.

As Azibo confronts the monsters and mysteries that lie ahead, he is not alone. For in the darkest hours, it's the beacon of friendship that shines the brightest.

Funding Goals

Our initial goal is to cover the cost of producing this adventure, paying the game testers, editors, and artists. 

Celebrating 1 Year of Penny Blood Adventures

It has been a fantastic year of adventuring since the launch of our first Penny Blood Adventure. To celebrate, we are introducing three exciting new additions to our catalogue with this campaign:

  • Creatures of the Realm: A Compendium of Beasts and Monsters - Explore the treacherous and captivating world of PBA adventures with this all-encompassing guide to over 170 unique creatures, each with its own lore, abilities, and strategies for adventurers to overcome. Available in Digital and Hard Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).
  • Arcane Codex: Lost Arts, Classes, and Rules of the Adventurer - Elevate your D&D gameplay with this essential rulebook that reveals new classes, spells, and magical items, along with original rules for activities like fishing, mass battles, and espionage. Available in Digital and Hard Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).
  • The Gourmet Guildmaster: Culinary Creations from a Year of Adventuring - Embark on a culinary journey with this cookbook that compiles a year's worth of D&D-inspired recipes, each telling its own story, transforming your table into a banquet worthy of any tavern. Available in Digital and Soft Cover Editions (Hard Cover backers will also get the digital copy of the book).

The Team

Penny Blood Adventures has been running for one year. We are a dedicated team of D&D enthusiasts, experienced game designers, and creators passionate about bringing unique, immersive, and high-quality adventures to your tabletop. 

Risks & Challenges

We've worked hard to ensure that this project is ready for production, and we've partnered with reliable service providers for printing and shipping. However, unexpected delays can occur, and we pledge to communicate regularly and honestly with our backers about any issues that may arise.


For our latest campaigns, we've transitioned from exclusively using Stock Art and Midjourney to incorporating original visual content crafted by commissioned artists. Our creative approach now melds the talents of illustrators, sketch artists, and curated stock art. As a testament to their contributions, credits for each artist will be prominently featured in our books. While we're thrilled with our current roster of artists, we're eager to onboard more talent. If you're aware of potential contributors, please reach out to us.
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