Paddy Finn
3 months ago

Project Update: FUNDED! And 3 Stretch Goals!!!

Holy smokes, folks!

I've been trying to write an update for the last hour and yall keep unlocking stretch goals on me! Not that I'm complaining!


Not only did we fund in around 10 minutes, you unlocked 3 stretch goals, including:

  • 1 New Magic Item
  • 2 Additional New Magic Items
  • 1 New NPC

And we're so close to unlocking 2 Additional new NPCs.

I'm so excited that these have been unlocked. As some of you already know, these aren't just random new magic items or characters. They connect to the adventure and can be used to expand it beyond a one shot if you chose.

We work really hard to make less work for the DM where we can.

As you may also already know, I love unlocking the labelled hand illustrated area map. I feel that it ties the whole thing together. Hopefully we can unlock that by the end of the campaign!

Thank you for such a strong start to this new series of One Dollar One Shots.

We can't wait to get it out there.

Oh, and if you want to help unlock more stretch goals, feel free to share the campaign with your gaming friends on Discord.

Here's a shortened link to make it easier:

Chat again soon :)

Team Penny Dragon

P.S. I've created a poll to see what you're interested in seeing us make later on down the line. It'll be a while before we get to anything like that, but I'd love to get your thoughts!
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