Nicci-Grace Isbell
3 months ago

Project Update: TWO New Stretch Goals Unlocked!!!

WOW! Talk about “Unlock the Vault” – what about unlock the stretch goals?! 
We are blown away by how fast you are unlocking these stretch goals, with TWO being unlocked while we weren’t looking. Congratulations!
You’ve unlocked:
·      1 New NPC (2 total)
·      1 New Monster Stat Block
Plus, you are well on your way to unlocking those pre-generated character sheets, so keep sharing if you want those hitting your inbox in January! 
Not only do we work hard to make life as easy as possible for the GM, but these character sheets will make life easier for the players too, especially if there are newer players at your table. 
If you want to spread the word and keep us on our toes with all these stretch goals being unlocked, here’s a shortened link you can share on your socials:
Thanks, as always, for your support!
(chaotic good, female, elf lorekeeper)
PS Don’t forget to cast your vote in our poll:
Currently, Silk Road Magic Items is just nudging into the lead ahead of the Fungi World Setting (3 votes in it at the moment, folks!).
Now I’m going to be honest, I REALLY want the chance to come up with some crazy, wacky, magic mushroom content. Would it be unethical of me to cast a vote myself… 
Come on, help an elven lorekeeper out ;)




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