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3 months ago

Project Update: Please Vote on our Next Project & MCDM Goes BIG...Again :)

Hey there,

Lathander knows 2023 has been a tough year for many.

In fact, we've been so busy working through crazy times, we haven't even had a chance to update you on a few matters pertaining to Penny Dragon. 

A few months back, someone deleted our Facebook page, our website, and a bunch of TikTok content amidst several people unexpectedly parting ways with Penny Dragon Games. The person behind the destruction of company property wanted to really hurt Penny Dragon Games, and in all honestly, they did. Really badly...But we doubled down and made sure to look after our people. And our wonderful team pulled out all the stops. 

Little by little...we're getting back on our feet.

Despite the drama, we look to 2024 with so much excitement! We'll bring so many projects to a close in the first half of the year and publish several new books and games in the latter half.

We've already earmarked several books for the year ahead, but the reality is we can only launch so many projects in 12 months. And we're trying to downsize on bigger projects. So, we'd love you to vote on our poll to see which of the following 3 bigger campaigns launch in 2024.

  • Sayuri's Chest of Twisted Treasure - A Silk Road inspired book of magic items, featuring Aizendore's arch nemesis and her merry band of "collectors".

  • Tinara's Manual for Midestra - A setting book about the expansive lands of Midestra as told via the travel journal of a famous Aragosian Redcloak detective.

  • Keeli's Guide to Fungtasia - A setting book about a wondrous subterranean world of magical fungi, accessed via several portals in Midestra and other openings in the many realms.

Whichever books don't win will get pushed into 2025 unless an earlier slot opens up (something earlier gets cancelled, etc).

Also, anyone who follows our YouTube channel will know I'm a big fan of MDCM's work.

I'm sure the guys across the pond are celebrating the wild success of their most recent project on Backerkit. They launched earlier today and are already well over $1,000,000.

If you haven't already seen it (which I'm sure most of you have) and you like MCDM's stuff, check it out here!

We aren't too far from the next stretch goal. I imagine we'll be posting about that over the weekend at some stage.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.

Paddy & Team Penny Dragon

P.S. Don't forget the poll...and thank you! :)
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