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5 months ago

Project Update: $300K, New Stretch Goals, New Add-ons, New Storage, oh my!

Hi backers!

With two weeks left of the campaign, how incredible it is to be passing the $300,000 mark, unlocking 12 stretch goals. BUT WAIT! There's more! What, you ask? Prepare for a massive update!

  • New community achievements/stretch goals revealed
  • New add-ons available
  • Storage system update
  • Updated livestream schedule

New Community Achievements (Stretch Goals!)

We've had a LOT of questions about the community achievements beyond the $350,000 horizon, and we wanted to share our newest stretch goals with you!

Currently available as an add-on, this journal will be unlocked once we pass $375,000. Designed to support any Lore Master, this tabbed journal with moveable pages is the perfect companion to keep detailed records of the incredible depths of lore that you create using the deck. Pages can be organized by card type, or clustered together to assemble elements that below to the same lore web or setting.

You all asked and we've revealed the final Bridge Expansion to complete the trinity! The Story-World Bridge Expansion helps creators combine prompts from The Story Engine Deck and Deck of Worlds to create threads and connections linking story prompts and worldbuilding prompts.

The Lore Master's Journal, Story-World Bridge Expansion, and limited-edition Bridge Expansion Collector's Box are all currently available as add-ons.

You can currently add them to your pledge. If we do not reach the goal that unlocks them, we will remove them from your pledge before the campaign and you will not be charged for them.

As your lore webs grow, you may want to link back later prompts to early prompts, or create links between separate webs of lore. Perhaps a seemingly disparate piece was part of the web all along. How do you keep track? With handy tokens! With this stretch goal, physical wooden tokens will be included in every copy of the main Lore Master's Deck for free.

New-Add Ons

In addition to add-ons being released through the stretch goals, we are also adding some new add-ons that do not need to be unlocked.

When your web grows to encompass more and more lore clusters, it can help to block off the unused text on your primary cards so you can focus on your chosen cue. Focus Sleeves are printed with an opaque pattern to block out the unused text, but a keyhole-shaped window to highlight the card type and primary cue, allowing you to weave your lore with enhanced focus.

Storage System Update

We've listened to your feedback, and have released some new storage add-ons!

First up is a continuation of our folding box line. We've added 2 new Lore Master's Deck-focused designs to the collection, which already contained 2 Deck of Worlds designs and 2 Story Engine designs. As requested, the folding boxes are now available as singles or as a set.

The complete set of 6 folding storage boxes is now large enough to hold all of our cards from all sets, sleeved or unsleeved.

And now the most hotly anticipated storage update: the Leviathan Storage Box!

This massive storage box holds up to 1440 cards from any of our deck systems. The box interior comes with 24 vertical trays in 3 rows of 8 molded plastic compartments. Each compartment holds 60-70 cards (1 full expansion). Compartments are spaced and have finger grooves to make identifying and drawing cards easy. Cards can be sorted by expansion, card type, or a combination of both. The box lid and bottom fit together like a standard 2-piece game box.

The 2 Leviathan Boxes are large enough to hold all cards from all our decks unsleeved together with room to spare and freedom to sort cards in a variety of ways. If you sleeve your cards, the Leviathan Boxes are designed to be the same length as the original Story Engine Deck or Deck of Worlds, and either one of those main deck boxes should be large enough to hold any overflow while fitting on a shelf of the same depth.

Left: overhead view of the vertical tray setup. Right: front view of the interior tray,

Check out these add-ons when you pledge!

Livestream Schedule Update

Two more weeks? Let's pack it with all the fun! We're ready to dive deeper into the Lore Master's Deck, and its expansions with you, including some special guest appearances. What's more, learn how to create settings for TTRPGs and many more cool activities. Save the dates!

We livestream right from the campaign page, which is the best way to link new potential backers to the stream and our project! You can also sign up to be notified when a stream starts on our YouTube Live page!

Missed our streams this week? No worries! You can always catch the reply on our YouTube Live page!

Okay, phew, that's everything! Told you it was a big one!
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The Lore Master's Journal will be made available as an add-on!
Goal: $375,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
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