little red - storybook inspired enamel pins

little red - storybook inspired enamel pins

little red is a cohesive pin collection based on the story of little red riding hood. this collection features three of the main characters of the story, little red, the big bad wolf, and the huntsman. a special mini pin will be included by collaborator
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Pintopia 2024
#Dark Fantasy

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more β†’


Introduction ⭐

welcome to little red - storybook inspired pins ! my name is pocket, owner of pokettoni ! my brand is known mostly for enamel pins which i've been creating since 2020 πŸ–€ i also write a webcomic and do illustrations for prints. while i've run or collaborated on multiple kickstarters in the past, this is my first time using backerkit's crowdfunding so i'm really excited to reach a new audience and try it out ! little red Β is part of pintopia 2 , a special event showcasing over a hundred pin artists ! i am so thankful to be a part of it. be sure to check out the other amazing participants πŸ–€

the pins πŸ“Œ

he pins in this campaign are a small collection representing the story of little red riding hood. we have three of the star characters, red, the big bad wolf and the huntsman. the designs are all tied together with the same red color and gem detail.Β  each pin is gold plated, hard enamel and comes with 2 white rubber backings.

as part of pintopia i also have a special pin by my guest artist jaizure ! this mini pin will be included in your order for FREE if you pledge BOTH to my and her campaign πŸ–€


free gift πŸ‡

as part of backerkit's pintopia, we have a special promotion available between myself and jaizure πŸ–€

checkout jaizure's [WONDERLAND] collection, when you pledge for a pin from her campaign and mine you will get TWO mini pins for free ! the cheshire cat by myself and the wolf skull mini pin by jaizure !

look at these amazing pins ! make sure to check it out and show your support πŸ–€

initial goal 🍎

the first pin to unlock in this campaign is little red herselfΒ  at $1,500 USD. This will also unlock the wolf skull mini pin by guest artist jaizure which will be included in your pledge free if you pledge to BOTH jaizure's wonderland and my little red campaign !


stretch goals 🐺

after litte red and the wolf skull mini pin we have two stretch goals starting with the big bad wolf pin and then the huntsman ! these pins match little red by using the same striking red color and gem attachment detail ! these pins will be unlocked at $2500 USD and then $4000 USD πŸ–€

reward tiers πŸ“

we have a few reward tiers to cover the most common combinations we expect our backers to want ! this includes a simple one, two and three pin tier ! the tiers illustrated above are only for example, you will be able to select the exact pins you like when the campaign is complete. you can also add on additional pins to your pledge using the add on feature or in your surveys when the campaign ends πŸ–€

add ons 🦌

in backerkit when you make your pledge, or anytime after, you can add on additional items. while we have tiers set up allowing you to pick from one, two, or all three pins, you can use this feature if you want additional amounts of any of the items !

timeline ⏰

above is a timeline with what to expect for production and fulfillment of your rewards ! please remember these are only estimates and products may arrive earlier or later than expected due to various reasons. we will always keep our backers updated on the latest news regarding any changes to our estimated dates πŸ–€

new to backerkit ? ✨

are you new to backerkit or crowdfunding sites in general ? let's break down how it works !

first of all, you can pledge to this campaign without worry ! cancel, change, add on or edit your pledge at any time the campaign is live. this helps us reach our funding goals faster and you won't be charged until the campaign is over and ONLY if the campaign is successful πŸ–€

when the campaign is complete and if we unlock one or all of our goals, your payment will be collected. you will then be sent a survey where you will get to pick out your rewards, add on additional items and edit your address.Β 

we will keep you posted via updates about the progress with surveys, manufacturing the pins and fulfilling the orders ! so make sure to read those updates both during and after the campaign to stay up to date πŸ–€

important shipping information πŸ’Œ

unfortunately due to complex shipping laws in these countries, we cannot ship to the UK, France or Germany. If you are from the UK you will be able to purchase the pins after the campaign is fulfilled via Etsy. however, we will not be able to ship to France or Germany in the forseeable future. we really apologize for this as we hate to leave out our supporters !

all shipping will be charged after the campaign. Below you can find an estimate of what to expect, please keep this in mind when making your pledge !

Estimated Shipping Costs:
  • $5 for USA backers
  • $17 for Canada backers
  • $20 everywhere else
  • cannot ship to the UK
  • cannot ship to France
  • cannot ship to Germany

A note on International shipping: We cannot take responsibility for any of the extra custom fees or charges that may be placed on international orders. Please be aware that if your country charges any extra costs for these reasons, it will be the buyers responsibility to cover them. On the chance that a package is shipped back to us due to a failed payment, we will contact you with your options. In most cases if the package has been returned due to negligence from the buyer we will be happy to resend it after the buyer covers the additional shipping cost. Please be aware that international shipping may take up to a month or two to deliver.

grading standards πŸ“

all pins being sent out will b A grades unless stated otherwise. there may be rare occasions where a batch is defective and buyers are compensated in some other way for taking a lesser quality product. in these cases backers will always be informed and asked for consent before being sent a B grade item.

an A grade pin may still have one or two small imperfections that are not noticeable from a distance and by the artist's discretion do not notably harm the overall appearance of the pin.Β 
B grade pins may have one or two more noticeable flaws including but not limited to:Β 

  • enamel
  • large specks of color or black
  • bubbles
  • chips
  • dents
  • scratches
  • missing fill
  • miscolored fill
  • overfill
  • miscolored

  • metal
  • chips
  • dents
  • deep scratches
  • tarnish
  • uneven linework
  • deep noticeable scratches
  • screenprinting (if applicable)
  • smudged
  • print missing
  • scratches

Pins with multiple noticeable flaws or extreme instances of the mentioned flaws are considered C grade.Β 
We will only be sending out A grade pins for this campaign unless otherwise stated and consented to by our customers. If you receive a lower grade pin please reach out to us for a replacement if you are not happy with your purchase. Please be mindful though that it is rare for a pin to be completely perfect and even A grade pins will likely have small imperfections.Β 

About the Artists πŸ–οΈ

pocket is a digital artist specializing in illustration and merchandise design. they are best known for their pins and soft art style. pocket has worked closely with their good friend jaizure on multiple successful enamel pin kickstarters in the past and is happy to have been invited to backerkit's pintopia !

| Shop | Twitter | Instagram | Bluesky | Patreon | Ko-Fi |

Jay or Jaizure is a self taught digital artist. She especially enjoysΒ  making enamel pins and other merchandise. Lately Jay has been moving from her roots selling fanart to creating original pieces.Β 


Experience πŸ’Ž

pocket has run multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns in the past both on her own and with her friend jaizure under their collaborative name alumeire. These projects gave them experience with designing,Β  producing and shipping enamel pins and bonus merchandise. You can feel confident knowing that we will deliver a quality product to you with consistent updates and information to put you at ease during the process. Here are some examples of our past project rewards:


Risks and Challenges β™ŸοΈ

we feel confident that we can run this campaign, production and shipping process smoothly, however there are always potential issues that are out of our control. Manufacturing errors that prolong production, holidays that may cause shipping or manufacturing delays, a large amount of defective items that need remaking, shipping delays or world events. While these issues are out of our hands, we will always keep our backers updated with the latest information as we receive it and update estimated shipping dates as necessary. Although this is our first time using backerkit's crowdfunding, we are familiar with other platforms and the backerkit team is always quick and helpful to resolve any issues or confusion. We've estimated a delivery date to our best ability but we want to ensure the rewards come out the best they can so if there are any further delays we'll keep backers updated.

Pintopia 2024 ❀

Welcome to Pintopia β€” a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins β€” All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨

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