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Project Update: Shipping This Week

As I'm sure some of you noticed, I didn't charge shipping last week like I said I was going to. It turns out charging shipping after doing surveys already is more complicated than I thought. Today, I sent out a 48 hour notice that I am locking orders and addresses.

We are shipping as per last update's schedule: International packages (other than Unites States or Canada) will be heading into the mail at the end of this month, and traveling to people in April. US and Canadian Packages will be heading to a shipping container to head overseas around the 20th-25th this month. It'll take 20-25 days to get to the US, and then they'll go into the mail mid-late April.

Please update your addresses accordingly as necessary. If you are moving and will be somewhere else in mid to late April, update the address to the new one. If you aren't sure where you'll be, update it to a friend's address, or a coworkers, or work, or family. Sometimes USPS address forwarding works with packages, sometimes it doesn't. I've heard it work both ways plenty on the Alleyman's, so be sure to update to an address with us that works best! : )

To update your address, you MUST go into your survey for this project and adjust the address there. Updating your address on file with your Backerkit profile doesn't (as far as I know) affect this project's specific address on file. So go into your supported projects and adjust the address on this project specifically. IF you need assistance, you can ask Backerkit support for help, or you can reach out to me at [email protected]. These are due Wednesday at noon MST. No changes can be made after that.

On Wednesday at this time, when they are locked in, I am handing them to New Titan to lock in final order packing, and get per-person shipping totals. I will then hand that over to Backerkit, who are telling me they have a fun new thing that let's them use a spreadsheet to put backer specific shipping totals in! So each of you will get a shipping total specific to your order, not just set on a weight-based scale by country. Shouldn't be a huge difference, but it means some fringe cases will be more specific/cheaper.

Will put up another update the day I am going to charge shipping costs just to let you know it's coming. 

Thanks everyone,




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