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Pintopia 2024 | Lovecraftian Horrors Season 2

Pintopia 2024 | Lovecraftian Horrors Season 2

A new collection of enamel pins inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and other cosmic horror.
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Pintopia 2024
#Black Metal
#Dark Fantasy

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


From dimensions unknown to man come a trove of horrific enamel pins that will drive you mad..with desire to collect them all - introducing, Lovecraftian Horrors Season 2!

Most pins are 1.65" / 42mm, with some 2" / 51mm pins mixed in, and there's a 1" / 25 mm pin that will be shared with every backer.. if we can get there.   All campaign pins will be:
  • soft enamel
  • black dye metal
  • have two posts (except for the tiny pins)
  • rubber clutches

Reaching the initial goal of $900 will unlock the first three pins:
A Cat from Ulthar (1.65")
Cthulhu Evolved

It will also unlock the Fungal Infection (1.65") pin. This is a pin that you can ONLY GET if you also back Moo Moo Ink's Flirtacious Fungass campaign. If you back both of our campaigns (and they're both successful) you'll get this pin and Moo Moo Ink's collaboration pin FOR FREE!

After we unlock the initial three (+ collaboration) pin, we're on to the races! There are an additional SEVEN pins to unlock, but the order in which they unlock (with one exception*) depends on YOU, the backers!

Backers will be able to vote in polls to determine what pins unlock at what stages, so revisit this section often to see what's been unlocked and what's coming next!

Every $300 beyond the initial goal of $900 unlocks a new pin..and if we get to $3000, all backers will receive a free 1" sigil pin. The next goal is $2100.

Appearing in puffs of smoke and oozing blue ichor, the nightmarish Hounds of Tindalos can track its prey across time and space. Avoid corners, where they're likely to emerge from!

The dark fish god worshipped by the Esoteric Order of Dagon has emerged from the depths. You have unlocked this aquatic monstrosity!

Allowing for human transport all the way to Pluto and beyond, the Brain Cylinder is a device used by Mi-Go for humans to experience otherworldly experiences. Will you choose to invest in this tech?

An intergalactic life form that evolved from plants and fungi, the Mi-Go are also known as fungi from Yoggoth. Will you choose to bring these brain-stealing aliens to life?

BTW, thanks to a special anonymous patron, after Mi-Go, the next TWO pins will unlock at $2300!

The half-spawn of a human mother and the Great Old One Yog-Sothoth, the mutant half-breed Wilbur Whaley is waiting to be unlocked. Will you choose to visit this horror from Dunwich first?

Sitting by the door, the Terrible Old Man is more than happy to allow unsuspecting troublemakers into his home..where he steals their souls. Will you let this monstrosity out of the bottle?

The Order of the Dark Wheel is a "fictional" cult that worships the Seven Who Feed, great demon gods whose summoning will bring about the Doom. Their insignia, an eye encircled with seven spokes, can signal who has pledged to summoning the Seven and who has not. 

*Their sigil pin is a 1" soft enamel pin that, if unlocked at $3000, shall be gifted to all backers as proof of your devotion to the cause. 


Pledge NOW and pay LATER - BackerKit works as an all or nothing funding goal. If at the end of the campaign we have reached our goal, your card will be charged (on April 18th.) In the highly unlikely event we do not make the goal, you won't be charged a thing! You can also upgrade your pledge as the campaign goes on and more pins are unlocked!

(These are approximate times - backers will be notified of delays and changes with production)

  • March 28: Campaign launches.
  • April 18: Campaign ends (successfully, I hope!)
  • Late April - Early May: Funds are released to me and surveys will be sent out to all of you.
  • May 30: Surveys will be due and will be locked. Artwork proofs are approved and production begins!
  • September: Pins are received, checked, packaged, and sent out to all of you

Given the speed of my manufacturer in the past dealing with my multiple-design-crowdfunding campaigns, I'm keeping a generous buffer in that pins will likely go out in September.

Please remember while the pin creation is done by a factory, packaging them up and sending them out is a one-man operation, so be patient. If the campaign shatters my wildest imagination, things might take a little bit longer.

Things that could possibly delay the estimated ship date?
  • The manufacturer messing up the order
  • A new global disaster (oh please no)
  • Injury or death
  • Shipping companies deciding to drop the order into the ocean.
  • Campaign goes 20x my last campaign.

Beyond that, everything should be smooth sailing :)
I'll be shipping things from the United States via USPS 1st class mail in bubble mailers. I've fulfilled five pin crowdfunding campaigns before shipping this way, and no one's complained of damaged pins.

Please remember that shipping will be charged AFTER the campaign ends and SEPARATELY via your BackerKit survey.

Estimated Shipping costs
Estimated shipping (1-3 pins) in the continental US is about $3-6 USD via USPS. 
For a set of 11 pins, it's likely closer to $8-10.

Global shipping gets pricey, and backers will be responsible for all tariffs, VAT, taxes, and other weird importing fees if you're living outside the United States. Estimated shipping for non-US cultists is around $18 USD. 
Get all my art links at: https://lynkfire.com/rick - it looks better on desktop but works on mobile -_-

My name is Rick Kitagawa, and am the lead cultist of The Evil Pin Club.

I'm a short horror-fiction author and dark artist that is often inspired by the cosmic horror elements and the cephalopod-goodness that was the late HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos (minus all the racism), and felt the need to bring more dark pins from the world of Great Old Ones and Elder Gods to life.

I've already crafted pins inspired by the mythos, made more in the last Pintopia event (Lovecraftian Horrors Season One) and felt like it was time to make more, so here I am and I hope you'll join me on this eldritch ride towards enamel pin monster madness!

I've launched five successful enamel pin campaigns before, so I'll be bringing all my product management knowledge, pin manufacturing experience, and love of the macabre to this campaign.

You can find all my social and art related links here. Thanks! 

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