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Project Update: 🍇Update #20- GAMA Trade Show + Update on Fulfillment🍓

Rochester Minnesota

Hello Wild Garden Backers,

As I type this update, snowflakes dance outside my window, but hopefully, signs of spring have begun to emerge for many of you. In this month's update, we'll delve into Wild Gardens' presence at this year's GAMA Trade Show and share some adjustments to our shipping and fulfillment timeline.

Rosa is ready for spring!

Shipping and Fulfillment Timeline Update

As we get close to our fulfillment date, backers have had some great questions about how fulfillment will work. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we're getting:

  • When will you lock backer's addresses? - We'll be locking all addresses on April 15th. At that point we need to send all the backer information to our fulfillment centers to ensure a smooth process when the games arrive. 
  • What if I need to change my address after the cutoff date? - We understand that sometimes this happens, and we'll do our best to update your address before the game ships. Usually this is still possible but, in some cases, we may not be able to update it in time. So please let us know as soon as you realize the address needs to be changed. 
  • When will late pledges be cut off? - All pledges (late and/or unpaid) will be closed at the end of April. At that point new backers won't be able to late pledge, and we will be no longer be able to accommodate email requests for order adjustments. 

We also want to alert everyone about a change in our fulfillment projections. During the final stages of preparing the game files for print, we uncovered some errors that required immediate attention. Thanks to our detailed review process, we were able to address these issues before they were printed. However, this unexpected hurdle has resulted in a delay in the manufacturing process by a few weeks. 

As a result, we anticipate that fulfillment will likely be pushed into June. While this represents a slight setback from our initial projections, we believe it's essential to prioritize quality and ensure that you receive nothing short of an exceptional gaming experience. We're committed to delivering a product that meets our high standards, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to achieve this goal.

We understand that delays can be disappointing, but please rest assured that we're doing everything in our power to expedite the process to achieve a delivery as close to May as possible. We always want to be transparent with our backers and alert you whenever a delay or something unexpected occurs. 

Wild Gardens at GAMA

Wild Gardens Prototype at GAMA

For those of you who attended this year's GAMA trade show, you may have spotted Wild Gardens showcased by our friends at Flat River Games. We're thrilled to report that the reception for our game was nothing short of enthusiastic, and we're grateful for the support FRG has shown for our products. Retail sales are vital for the long-term health of any boardgame and shows like this allow us to showcase our products to FLGS from around the world. 

As we navigate the transition from crowdfunding to retail sales, we wanted to shed some light on our process for handling retail orders post-campaign. 

Here's how we handle retail sales during and after a crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Simultaneous Fulfillment: Retailers who placed orders through this campaign will receive their games alongside backers, ensuring everyone gets their copies at the same time.
  2. Sequential Fulfillment: Any additional retail orders received after the campaign will be held until all backers have received their copies. Once all backer orders are fulfilled, we'll release the game for general sale and fulfill all remaining retail orders.

For retailers interested in placing late pledge orders or making adjustments, we're extending the deadline until March 31st. After this date, all orders will be closed, and any inquiries can be directed to [email protected] for further assistance.

We hope everyone is getting excited as we enter the final few months of this project. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment or reach out to our customer service via [email protected]

The Rose Gauntlet Team





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