5% of all profits will be donated to the family of the legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays to help them cover medical and funeral expenses.
Advanced Rules

Advanced Rules

A community compendium of house rules for The Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. This book defines a full methodology for solo and Wardenless play and includes house rules for everything from downtime to cybernetics.
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Mockup of Advanced Rules Front Cover

Channeling the second book included with all Game Designers’ Workshop games, Advanced Rules is a 100-page wire-bound text-only zine of house rules for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG from the Mothership community with a focus on rules adapted from RV Games online magazine, The Adventure Gaming Periodical. The WIP rules are viewable here, this web page version of the zine will always be free for use.

All of the rules are being revised for the final 1e version of Mothership with professional editing by Roz Leahy beyond their original online publication.

Included in Advanced Rules

  • Solo and Wardenless Play Guidelines by Violet Ballard
  • Some Ship Combat Rules by Joshua Justice
  • Miniships by Greenspore
  • Streamlined Debt and Downtime System Adapted From Rules by Jack Shirai
  • Psion and Psionics by Monovektor
  • Surgical Rolls by Violet Ballard
  • Social Rolls by Violet Ballard
  • Ultimate Bad Ass by Christian Sorrell
  • Squad Combat and Stacking by Violet Ballard
  • Accessible Maps by Violet Ballard
  • Additional Classes by Joshua Justice, Christian Sorrell, and Violet Ballard
  • Cybermod, Slickware, Drug, Robotics, and AI Design Sequences by Violet Ballard
  • G.O.B.L.I.N. - Gremlin's OGRE Basics: Living in Neuralware by edbury
  • Alternate Skills by Violet Ballard
  • Wound Only play by Violet Ballard
  • Alternate Loadouts for stock classes by Violet Ballard
  • Alternate d100 Trinket and Patch tables by Violet Ballard
  • Quick reference for players and for Panic Engine and pocketmod designers by Violet Ballard
  • Several print & play Warden and player aids

The definitive collection for Wardens and game designers ready to hack Mothership 1e.

watt, creator of
Cloud Empress

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RIP Dave

Digital Edition - $13 - $15.99 MSRP

  • Get a PDF of the zine

Physical Edition - $23 - $25 MSRP

  • Get a printed version of the zine along with the PDF

RV Games Digital Bundle - $50 - $70 MSRP

  • Get a PDF of Advanced Rules and digital copies of the rest of the RV Games Catalog including:
    • Backrooms
    • Slasher
    • Rampant
    • Cerdo Cycle
    • Mitosis: Escape from STAR Station
    • Thrust! - RV Games Microgame #1
    • The Progeny - RV Games Microgame #2
    • Pyroclastic Flow - RV Games Microgame #3

RV Games Physical Bundle - $65 - $90 MSRP

  • Get the physical edition of Advanced Rules and physical copies of the following modules and games in addition to the RV Games Digital Bundle:
    • Cerdo Cycle
    • Graveyard of the Gods
    • Mitosis: Escape from STAR Station
    • ISWU Recruiting Pamphlet
    • Rampant

Retailer - $1

  • Pre-order Advanced Rules and gain access to a wholesale shop for RV Games entire catalog.

Back Cover Mockup for Advanced Rules

$4,000 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play fold-over Advanced Rules character sheet by D.N. Wilkie

$4,500 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play Advanced Rules 4-up contractor sheets by D.N. Wilkie

$5,000 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play Advanced Rules 4-up encounter sheets by D.N. Wilkie

$5,500 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play Advanced Rules group encounter tracker by D.N. Wilkie

$6,000 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play solo programmed adventure by Violet Ballard

$6,500 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and play 4-Up Drugs suitcase and Cybernetics tracker by D.N. Wilkie

$7,000 Raised - UNLOCKED

  • Print and Play Pet tracker added to the back of the 4-up contractor sheets


The book is already complete and has received developmental editing. The content is available online for free here, this campaign is paying for the final pieces needed for physical production. We have set a conservative timeline based on how complete the book is, and we hope to complete fulfillment sooner than is listed here.

We have a public Trello page to track the progress of writing, editing, indexing, and typesetting now that we have funded.

February 2024

  • Writing (Mini-Ships and Design Sequences).

March 2024

  • Copy and Line Editing

April 2024

  • Layout

May 2024

  • Production and Digital Fulfillment

June 2024

  • Physical Fulfillment



Printing will be by Mixam. Advanced Rules will be wire bound and printed on uncoated 70lb text paper to make it easy to read the text and to write in and highlight the book. The cover will be a heavier satin 130lb cover paper with matte lamination. This heavy cover, lamination, and wire binding gives this reference book many usable years at your table while staying affordable. Finally, zines will be individually shrink wrapped to prevent damage to the wire binding during shipping.

Fulfillment Providers

Canada - Compose Dream Games
U.K. and EU - GamesQuest UK
U.S and Rest of World - RV Games via Amplifier

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  • Canada - Untracked - GST - $12 CAD
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Chessex Dice Boot

Individual physical games and accessories, including a Chessex Mothership dice set, and a dice tower will be available via your BacketKit survey after the campaign is complete. Digital only add-ons will not be available, you can purchase digital copies of any of our products via our publisher page at DriveThruRPG.
  • Add-ons will be charged $2.50 shipping and handling for each light item and $5 for each heavy item.

Advanced Rules Financial Estimate

Our minimum funding level pays for finishing editing and layout, producing the physical books, and paying BackerKit and Stripe fees while producing a very modest profit that covers the cost of the developmental editing that occurred as part of writing the manuscript and a small amount of royalties for key contributors.

5% of all profits will also be donated to the family of the legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays to help them cover medical and funeral expenses.

We will update this periodically as the campaign progresses to be radically transparent about the budget of the book and where the money is going.

RV Games is a Queer publisher of auteur tabletop games.
RV Games Logo

Violet Ballard (she/they) - Lead Writer and Producer

Violet Ballard
  • Dr. Violet is a proudly Queer mom and educator from Fresno, California. She is the owner of RV Games and the writer of the Mothership modules Slasher and Rampant.

Roz Leahy (she/her) - Editor

Roz Leahy
  • Roz is an Irish writer, editor and zine maker in Edinburgh. She's been playing and making games for decades and is always excited to being her experience to a new project. Over the last few years she has worked on a number of Mothership Projects, including Cloud Empress, Abilities Considered Unnatural, and Bio-Drones and Cryo Clones. She also contributed proofreading to the Mothership 1e Core Books. When she's not turning her hobby into a career, she's giving workshops on science and game design and watching old movies.

Christian Sorrell (he/they) - Contributing Writer

Christian Sorrell
  • Christian Sorrell, known online as MeatCastle, is a full-time writer, editor, and designer. He is the creator of the upcoming game Tacticians of Ahm, several Mothership modules including The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station, and supplements for a number of other indie roleplaying games. For more of his work, visit https://meatcastlegameware.com/.

Jack Shirai (he/him) - Contributing Writer

Jack Shirai
  • Jack Shirai (he/him) is a Canadian video game developer who writes random encounter tables to escape from writing code. You can find more of his work at yourgmjack.itch.io, or by cracking open MMOs that came out more than 20 years ago.

Greenspore (he/him) - Contributing Writer


Greenspore is the creator pre-Mothership 1e Shipbreaker’s Toolkit hack known as Miniships and is part of upcoming 1e adventure anthologies. A rules lite and OSR DM of 11 years, he is currently in the process of taking on editing professionally in his day job and loves working with other passionate creatives and nerds by night. https://greenspore.itch.io/

Joshua Justice (he/they) - Contributing Writer

Joshua Justice
  • Joshua Justice is a TTRPG writer/designer, and music afficiando. They DJ and put out a long-running radio show on Freeform Portland. Their cat Bobbie is their muse.

Håkan Lundgren (he/him) - Contributing Writer

Håkan Lundgren
  • Håkan Lundgren AKA monovektor lives in the cold, dark forests of northern Sweden. He has yet to play his first session of TTRPGs.

edbury (he/him) - Contributing Writer

  • Edbury lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with his cat, Lemmy. Together they decode and republish transmissions from a source known only as "Gremlin."

Curious Friend (they/them) - Cover Illustrations

  • Curious Friend is a non-binary visual artist & graphic designer based out of Fresno, CA. They appreciate whimsical line work, bold color palettes, & naturally imperfect symmetry. When they aren’t hunched over a canvas they enjoy hiking in the mountains, tending to their collection of exotic houseplants, and being attacked by their 3-legged cat.

Donation In Memoriam to Jennell Jaquays

5% of the profits from this campaign will be donated in memoriam to the family of the legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays to assist them with medical and funeral expenses.

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