Animal Pin Banner Collection

Animal Pin Banner Collection

We're bringing you all a collection of animal themed pin banner wall scrolls! A fun way to brighten up your space and display all of your enamel pins 🐾 Choose from 9 initial animal designs, with even more possibilities to unlock!
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Introducing: Animal Pin Banner Collection!

A product type we've been working with for a little over a year now. Pin banners are a fun and unique way to display your enamel pin collections! We have designed 9 different pin banners in the style of long animals!

Take a peek at the lineup below!

Choose from these animals, with even more options available via stretch goals(More info on that in the Stretch Goals section)!

To get a better idea of what a pin banner can be used for, we have some photos and more information below!

Below are some photos of pin collections on other pin banners we've created!

Pin Display Example

You can choose from all unlocked designs via the post campaign survey.

Some info on the banners:

  • Pin banners are made of a satin drill fabric that can hold approximately 20-30 small to medium sized pins.
  • Each banner is approximately 3ft long and 7 inches wide.
  • May arrive slightly wrinkled, but they can be flattened out with an iron on low heat setting.
  •  If you put pins on these banners PLEASE NOTE that there will be visible holes in them, you can iron them again to help the holes be less noticeable! On lighter banners the holes will be more noticeable.

As of 4/16/24, ALL animals have been unlocked and will be available to choose from via the post campaign survey!! That's 29 total animals!🤩 Check em out!


Backerkit Exclusive Pin!

We've designed an enamel pin that will be exclusive to this Backerkit campaign! A cute little tiger to display on your new pin banner! (Each pin will be approximately 1.5")

If you pledge within the first 48 hours, you secure the rainbow metal version of the pin for free! (This version features glitter in the white areas)

The rose gold metal version will be available via the "Tiger Pin" pledge level and add-ons for backers, and neither pin will be available outside of this campaign!


Stretch Goals

We've got a bunch of animals lined up for stretch goals and we're excited to get them all unlocked with your support! Some stretch goal animals are already decided, whereas the majority of them will be community voted critters! We can't wait to see what you all choose!

Because you are all amazing and unlocked all the initial stretch goals so quickly, we've added even more stretch goals!! Check em out below!


Peeker Sticker Add ons!

The final stretch goal is for Peeker stickers! 

If you are unfamiliar with what that is: Peeker stickers are weatherproof vinyl stickers that you can put on your car windows, with the appearance of "peeking over the edge of your car" ^^ 

Here are a few past examples of peeker stickers we've made in the past. 

Some info about the stickers:

  • Made from a durable matte vinyl, that is both waterproof and weatherproof!

  • Each sticker will be approximately 4 inches tall

Since this goal was met, ALL ANIMALS will be available as peeker stickers via add ons for $8 each! You can choose your desired animal via the backerkit surveys post campaign🐾


Important Information

Attention International Backers!

To keep things simpler this campaign, we are limiting pledges to United States and Canada.

However, if you're outside of these countries and still want the items from this campaign, all of the extras will be available on our Etsy shop once everything arrives and rewards are sent out! (estimated August-September 2024).

Backerkit Surveys!

We will be using Backerkit for post-campaign management and sending out surveys. This will also allow you to add on any additional items after the campaign is over!


You will receive a survey email from BackerKit once the campaign is over. It is crucial that once you receive the survey, you fill it out ASAP so that we know how many of each design to order. This is also how your shipping charges will be calculated + processed.



To ensure this campaign runs smoothly, We will be collecting shipping via the surveys at the end of the campaign. This means that shipping will be calculated and paid AFTER THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER. 



Our manufacturers have assured a turnaround time of about 4-6 weeks for production, whereas shipping will be roughly 1-2 weeks via airmail. It is possible that production will take more or less time than we anticipate. We've added a bit of wiggle room to help cover any potential delays in manufacturing, shipping, and filling out surveys. Depending on how popular the campaign grows, our merch order may be much larger than expected, and push production out longer than we anticipated. We did our best to account for this with our timeline! Production delays may be out of our control, but we will do our best to keep all backers updated on the status of the items.

We estimate campaign completion to be around mid to late July, but just to be safe, we've set the date for rewards to be mailed out to early August!


Suggest an Animal!

Want to see an animal in the voting rounds for the community voted stretch goals? Suggest them HERE!

Comment on our community post with an animal you'd like to see turned into a banner, and we'll be checking it discussion periodically for popular suggestions!

If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project