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5 months ago

Project Update: Shao Surveys Sent!

Yo awesome people!

The Backer Surveys have now been sent! You should be able to find them in your inbox (or spam folder) of the email address you registered with BackerKit. You can also click here to gain access to it!

In the survey you will:

  • Choose options for your pledge, such as t-shirt size and chosen name on t-shirt
  • Include add ons if you want something extra
  • Upgrade your pledge if you want to
  • Give us your shipping address (which can be altered later)

After doing that, you're shipping fee will be calculated, depending on your address and pledge. And that's it!

Please respond to the survey as soon as you can, as we need your chosen name details for the Genki Dama Japan Tour T-shirt!

You will not yet be charged for shipping until we begin the production and shipping. We will give you plenty of forewarning for when that will happen.

Pre-Order Store
If you missed the campaign, not to worry, we will be soon opening a pre-order store. It cannot feature things exclusive to the BackerKit campaign (such as your name on the tour t-shirt and certain bundle deals) but it will let you support the Japan tour and get its merch!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

- Deren and the Shao Team




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