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Space Wizard Science Fantasy Books: 12 books and 2 RPGs coming in Year 3!

We are an indie publishing house focusing on queer science fiction and fantasy. This is our third year bringing you amazing scifi and fantasy stories!

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Set a Reminder:
Hello folks!
Space Wizard Science Fantasy Year 3 will be bigger and better than ever! We'll be offering new and exclusive hardcovers, 13 new stories, and 2 custom RPGs, with chances to play games with the designers!

If you've been with us for the past couple years, you know we also have great bonus content and video of authors things (yeah, like playing violin and trombone, beekeeping, drinking whiskey, and reciting poetry...) This year, we've moved to BackerKit and we're going to be putting up some great content before the campaign even launches. We're going to have interviews with the authors, so you can find out more about books that are coming, art and cover reveals, probably outtakes and goofs, and some other things as well! (perhaps a live RPG or an explanation of the rules?)

The point is, stick around. The (launch)party is just getting started!

Below is the (growing) list of Launch Party exclusive videos! You'll get a link to each new one as it drops, if you are signed up, but they're a little harder to find after the fact. Remember, you have to click on the link "Follow this Project" and log into BackerKit in the update to see the video:

To whet your appetite, here are the books coming in year 3:
  • Talio’s Codex - Is love worth destroying his reputation? Find out with this epic fantasy in a city of canals and holy magic, with a M/M relationship, from J. Alexander Cohen. Ten years ago, the theft of his codex destroyed Talio Rossa’s career as a magistrate in the four cities. But when his ex-wife—finally willing to forgive finding him in bed with a man—presents him a long-shot legal case, he has the chance to get his career back on track.
  • Space Station X - Will the space station bring them together or destroy them? Who wants more lesbian horror/comedy in space? Residents are being killed. There are sounds in the walls, ghostly footsteps and murderous, ravenous threats that can’t possibly be there. Can they? Check out AZ Rozkillis' debut scifi tale!
  • Fiery Deeps Anthology - The fourth book in the lesbian SFF romance anthology including Distant Gardens, Farther Reefs, and Lofty Mountains. This time the theme is fire and female power!
  • Empress of Dust - There are monsters outside the city walls. But when the biggest mistake of Harvard’s life separates him from his crew, the team of scavengers finds there's more to the giant crab monsters roaming the deserts than they thought, in this post-apocalyptic fantasy by Alex Kingsley. 
  • Physical Magic - Welcome to the shifting lands. Silluka was born with only one full arm and hand, in a village of bodycasters using exact physical control of every part of their bodies to summon the favor of the gods and perform incredible feats. But a new island is speeding toward their coastal town, and only the wall of storms and the godlike storm warriors are keeping the deadly hurricanes and tidal waves away. This is the start of William C. Tracy's new progression fantasy series, featuring martial arts-based magic, and fast moving continents in a world controlled by the gods!
  • Foxfire in the Snow & Ocean of Fireflies Duology - J.S. Fields is re-releasing their epic renaissance fantasy Foxfire in the Snow along with the new second book, Ocean of Fireflies. Follow a young nonbinary person as they find their place where science is slowly overtaking the old magic!
  • Tavern Tale - What if the side quest is really the main quest? Divine is chasing her talisman, but a flirty tavern owner and axe wielder with an eyepatch proposes to locate her talisman if Divine helps her complete a mysterious quest in a chest. Kristina Kelly's debut novella is a cozy fantasy romance with many D&D elements!
  • Station in the Sky - The followup scifi novella to Peace in the Sky from Year 2 by Caye Marsh. A person must solve their own murder!
  • A Traveler’s Magic - The sequel to C.J. Hosack's epic YA adventure, A Slayer's Magic, about an adopted young woman who searches for her parents in a world where magic is dictated by bloodline!
  • How To Operate Your Body: The Arms - The next book in William C. Tracy's nonfiction series on body mechanics, flexibility, and stretching. It's the manual for your body that life doesn't give you!
  • Only a Chapter - Heather Tracy, Space Wizard's expert copy editor, releases her debut scifi romance about two ways a woman's life could go, when different catastrophic events intervene!
  • Ardulum: Book 6 - The much awaited next book in the Ardulum saga, by J.S. Fields!
  • Collector's Hardbacks - Choose from five great collections of stories: The Dissolution Cycle and Tales of the Dissolutionverse by William C. Tracy, Ardulum: Origins by J.S. Fields, and new additions The Biomass Conflux by William C. Tracy and The Audacity by Carmen Loup!

Plus there are 2 RPGs coming as well!
  • Creatures of Ruin TTRPG - Play as human scavenger, using a d6 system, OR as four different kinds of desertwalker, using a d20 system, and choose a path of peace or destruction. Scavenge materials, protect your territory, and learn about your fellow desert-dwellers in Alex Kingsley's Creatures of Ruin TTRPG based on the world of Empress of Dust!
  • The Dissolutionverse TTRPG - Investigate strange worlds and create custom spells with music-based magic in the TTRPG set in William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse series. Play as one of eleven species, craft spells from your imagination, and use d8 dice in press-your-luck rolls to succeed at challenges! Includes crafting mechanics and no character death (though other things might happen...)