William C. Tracy
about 1 month ago

Project Update: Author Interview with William C. Tracy

Hello again! This time Heather is interviewing me about the books I have in the campaign this year. You can hear me talk about the second installment in How To Operate Your Body, this time focusing on The Arms. I also have a new progression fantasy series I'm starting about a girl born with one arm, in a world where magic comes from physical movement, and islands move across the seas very quickly, crashing into each other! You can even read the first 7 chapters on Royal Road for free!

We also have a semi-major update: the campaign is closer than you think! We realized we're actually going to be at ConCarolinas on the day the campaign starts, so we've moved the first day to Thursday, May 30th! Be one of the first to back, a few days early!

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So what are you waiting for? See the next video for Space Wizard Science Fantasy Year 3!

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