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Project Update: 🎭 CINDERELLA'S CASTLE - A New StarKid Musical Coming to KICKSTARTER on April 6th!

Hello StarKid Backerkit community,

As we continue to push forward on SK Labs and wrap up the StarKid Returns rewards, we're also launching a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this Saturday, April 6th, 2024. This time we'll be raising funds for a fantasy-filled musical adventure...

StarKid invites you on a journey to The Lands That Are for our latest stage production, CINDERELLA’S CASTLE! This grim retelling of the classic fairy tale is filled with humor, puppetry, and an electrifying musical score by Jeff Blim. We've put together an amazing cast and crew that we're excited to reveal over the coming weeks, so be sure to check out the new campaign to learn more.

Below is a sneak peek at what's in store... the full Kickstarter trailer will launch on April 6th, along with the campaign! Follow our Pre-Launch Kickstarter Page HERE to help us build the hype and stay notified about updates on the show!

Follow the campaign for:

Exclusive Previews:
Dive into the depths of the production, from peeks at the musical score, to cast reveals, to glimpses at this new fantasy world we'll all create together.

Backer-Exclusive Perks:
We're lining up special rewards to celebrate your support, including new apparel, exclusive digital backstage content, and more!

Join the Story:
Our journey would not be complete without all of you. Your contribution helped make our StarKid Returns campaign a success, and we'd love to have your support in creating the magical realm of Cinderella's Castle.

Keep your eyes open for more details as we draw closer to our launch of the Cinderella's Castle Kickstarter Campaign!





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