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Munchkin Big Box

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Dive into 25 years of chaos and monster-slaying, all in one gigantic box, the Munchkin Big Box! Kill the monsters, betray your buddies, and hoard the treasures like never before.

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Ready to take your Munchkin mania to the next level?

Munchkin Big Box is a collector’s edition perfect for new and diehard fans alike.

Inside, you’ll find over 600 cards, all illustrated by John Kovalic. It also comes with new boards, new standees, and new surprises! And did we mention the box? It's big enough to store over 2,000 cards, plus accessories!

There's a special level for the first 1,750 backers . . . a Colossal Munchkin Die. This is the one that weighs 1.2 pounds. Suitable for keeping track of levels, or holding down papers, or last-ditch home defense when the Plutonium Dragon breaks down your door. We will pick a color for you based on your personal vibes and what box is open at the time.

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