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  • $40

    Ogre Miniatures Set 4 - One Additional Set

    20 purchased

    You want more Set 4? Here is one more copy for the same as the base pledge price of $40!

  • $25

    Ogre Miniatures Set 3 - Ogre Mark VI and Doppelsoldner

    68 purchased

    Do you need more of the biggest Cybertanks to roll across the battlefield? This add-on includes one Ogre Mark VI and one Doppelsoldner.

  • $55

    Ogre Lieutenant - Duplicate Add-on

    39 purchased

    This add-on includes everything found in the Ogre Lieutenant pledge. Get one copy of Ogre Miniatures Set 4 and one copy of Ogre Miniatures Set 3.

  • $100

    Ogre Captain - Duplicate Add-on

    41 purchased

    The Ogre Captain pledge has been duplicated as an add-on. For just $100 you will receive THREE more copies of Ogre Miniatures Set 4.

  • $10

    Ogre Miniatures Second Edition Rulebook - PDF

    55 purchased

    Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition is Ogre Miniatures and the 2008 Ogre Miniatures Update and combined them with new material from the Ogre Sixth Edition rulebook to create a completely revised and updated version. Included with the book are record cards for all known Marks and styles of Ogres, a Reference Sheet, and full-color die-cut blast templates, markers and craters. Beautifully illustrated with photos of Ben Williams' amazingly painted miniatures, Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition is destined to be a classic in its own right.