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Ogre Miniatures Set 4

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Ogre Miniatures Set 4 is the fourth and final wave of Ogre minis. Set 4 includes over 80 high-quality plastic miniatures.

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Ogre Miniatures Set 4 comes to BackerKit Crowdfunding in January 2024 packed with over 80 plastic miniatures! Save as much as $17 on Set 4 with our special campaign pricing, and fill out your existing plastic Ogre collection or start today!

Miniature arrives unpainted and requires assembly. Available for 48 hours or while supplies last.

Ogre Miniatures is a competitive minis game where battles rage between super-intelligent, bloodthirsty AI-controlled tanks and squads of infantry, armor, and artillery that try to stop them. Its asymmetrical nature means you can be a singular giant Ogre and ruthlessly steamroll the humans in your way . . . or play the defenders, trying to defeat that behemoth at any cost. Or, with enough minis and table space, you can have all kinds of units on both sides!

Ogre Miniatures
is an award-winning ruleset based on the classic 1977 board game Ogre (currently in its Sixth Edition). The core rules are small enough to fit on a double-sided sheet, but complex enough to offer countless strategies and scenarios. The minis offered here add new options for the thousands of existing Ogre Miniatures fans. . . and if you're new to the game, it's also a great opportunity to dive into the world of Ogre!

Minis shown have been painted by Ben Williams. They arrive unpainted and require assembly.

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