Dragons & Dragons : A Dressed-Up Adventuring Collection

Dragons & Dragons : A Dressed-Up Adventuring Collection

Dragons are a must have in your campaigns; whether they're good or evil aligned, they still have dreams of dressing up as their favorite class!
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Welcome, Adventurer.

Come. Sit. Enjoy the calm, crackling fire in this cold dreary night.
Perhaps you'd enjoy a pint of ale? A hot plate could fill that empty stomach of yours. One can only surmise the long journey you've experienced. Rest your weary eyes whilst I begin this lore-

Now...Where should I start?
Have you heard? The tales told of adventurers traversing across land and sea - as old as time. Mortals who seek treasure, fame, and life everlasting. Ah, yes, of course you have. Countless stories, many unique yet somehow similar. Whether their story ends in tragedy or gaiety, we've heard it all before:

Our heroes journey to lands unseen, defeating the mightiest of foes, overcoming the most difficult of trials, and before them, the final opposition to their greatest tale: a mighty dragon, formidable yet majestic. To slay a beast of such caliber will surely have our heroes etched in history, forevermore.

But no.
Today, we're here to spin another story: a fable of a collective of cute chromatic dragons, setting off on their own adventures...

Before we begin our adventure, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, the designer behind Dragons & Dragons and many more creations prior.

My name is Vivian, and I'm the artist and designer behind Sugar[Cubed]³Studios. You might have seen me around on Kickstarter or Instagram! I've worked on many projects in the past few years, from Sailor Moon to Dungeons and Dragons; I've worked on them all.  You can find most of my designs and in stock merchandise on my website or on Etsy! In addition, I host a pin club on Patreon, featuring limited edition 2-piece pins from original designs to mystery monsters~

If it isn't obvious enough, this project centers around a series of chromatic dragons. While they are beyond popular in the DnD lore, they're often painted as villains and enemies of our fateful heroes. But how can you slay such a cute face? Give these winged drakes a chance in telling their own tales, and perhaps you can play a part in it too! 

This campaign features a few interactive elements where you can help assist our scaly friends choose which paths they walk down in their adventure!  Your choices will result in different initial rewards and storyline. 

I hope you enjoy the little story I've whipped up ♥

Perhaps you'd like to start your adventure off with a few dragons? Whether you want to run the campaign solo or as a collective, the choice is ultimately up to you.

Dragon Master - Unlock at $230

Artificer - Unlock at $460

Barbarian - Unlock at $690

Bard - Unlock at $920

Cleric - Unlock at $1,150
Druid - Unlock at $1,380

Monk - Unlock at $1,610
Paladin - Unlock at $1,840
Ranger - Unlock at $2,070
Rogue - Unlock at $2,300
Sorcerer - Unlock at $2,530
Warlock - Unlock at $2,760

Wizard - Unlock at $3,000
The story portion of this campaign begins here. Please don't let the wall of text scare you! It's merely to further enchance the Dragons & Dragons project with some fun lore.

Traveling the world is long and arduous. You shan’t go far without a token or two or three... Ahem. Take this, fellow adventurer, and may it go towards good use.

Antique Gold Plated Enamel Pin - ~1.50" tall with 2 pin posts

Those who pledge towards two or more pins will obtain a free Draggo Coin, automatically added to their loot at the end of this campaign. Should you desire more coinage, simply add it via add-ons!

It seems as if you're off to a great start with your pocket full of Draggo coins, useable at any municipal or towns on this continent. It can purchase just about anything - from trinkets to armor to potions or familiar!

You hum merrily under your breath as you traverse down the somewhat busy street of this small town - a mere half day journey from home. A small adventure, nothing too grand. Just as you're about to reach the other end of the town, perhaps the furthest you've traveled on your own, it suddenly dawns on you - what good is a bunch of gold coins if merely sits in your knapsack?

Equipping yourself with some potions or salves to keep you healthy and strong should be smart. Or, you stop and think for a moment, your tail idly swaying from side to side, or maybe you should start a collection of weapons, in case you're to encounter fiends and foes along the way.

With a quick turn and a determined outlook, you quickly stride down towards the market, your eyes darting from side to side when you come upon a quaint apothecary to your left and a blazing blacksmith workshop to your right. Which store would you like to visit?

Results of first poll - voted by the Backers!

Soon as you enter the establishment, the bright yellow sun no longer illuminates what's in front of you. Though it does take a moment for your eyes to adjust, you're quickly greeted with the sight of hundreds upon hundreds of weapons, ranging from swords to lances to maces. The room is dark, save but for a dim pulsing red light at the end of the shop.

As you gingerly approach, the sounds of metal scraping and banging vibrate in your ears, and your nose is welcomed by the hot stench of melted down iron and sweat. You hear the quiet grunts each time a hammer meets the anvil, and a loud clang! bursts through the otherwise quiet shop.

You clear your throat.
No response.
Once more.

Then silence - greeted by a shuffling of a pair of heavy boots, stomping onto the concrete ground. A yellow face pops up in place of where the glow once was, "Ah, an adventurer!"
Smithy, the Blacksmith

Meet Smithy, the Blacksmith!
No one knows his real name, so the townsfolk cleverly called him by his profession. Now that you think about it, that's how surnames came to be, innit?

The start to an adventure always feels rather quaint. The townsfolk you come across live peaceful and easy lives, with little worries in tow. But as days become weeks, you find yourself missing those simple interactions... 

The journey is unending, unbending, and unsettling. Individuals met on the worn out roads haven't always been the kindest. Hard as it may be to admit, but there've been plenty of sleepless nights. Thankfully, you remembered to stop by that Blacksmith store, and with your trusty weapon in hand, your hardships weren't fatal. The few friends you met have along the lonesome roads come and gone. Yet you continue forward. 

One step. Two steps. Three. Until you finally find yourself stumbling into yet another city. You find yourself sighing heavily with relief. It's nice to see a bustling town, with souls going about their days, running errands and making ends meet. 

Your feet, shoulders, and head ache. 
A night's rest should do just the job.  

As you come to in the morning, you stretch with newfound energy. It's been a hot minute since you've found yourself rejuvenated! Your stomach grumble and growl as you rub the sleep from your eyes. Well, it looks like the first order of business will be to grab some grub. 

After paying the inn keeper, you set forth to complete a side quest! 

Smells of fresh baked pastry catches your attention - to your left you notice a cozy hole-in-the-wall café, not many souls in sight, simply the store owner and its feline friend. Though, just as you begin to step forth, you notice another scent. This one not pertaining to food at all. The smell of herbs, spices, magic, and the mystic, pulls at you: to your right, you see a mystical store, fog seemingly rolling out onto the sunlit day, yet not a dragon but yourself takes notice of the mysterious setting. 

Do you follow your grumbling stomach or your curious nose?

Results of second poll - voted by the Backers!

Despite the cries of your grumbling stomach, your curiosity got the better of you and towards the magic store you go. As you step into the shop, immediately, the beam from the morning sun is snuffed out and you're welcomed by the smell of burning sage. You've read about this before: something about getting rid of negative energy and restoring balance.

In the darkness, many things illuminate. The faint blue glow of a crystal orb, pulsing on a three legged table that seems to reposition itself every so slightly every time you blink. Countless bottles of potions with odds and ends inside, with colors from the gradient of the rainbow glimmering. Sleepy chirps from snoozing birds create a soothing lullaby.

At the center of the room, sits a creaky old wooden table with stacks upon stacks of books and herbs you know not the names of. A book opens on its own, flipping through many sheets before finally settling on a particular page. A silhouette hovers behind it as the book sets itself on a stand.

Teal eyes glance up from the literature, and with a quick flick of their wand, an equally bluish-green tint luminates from the tip. "Oh, greetings! You're just in time-"

Mindy, the Keeper of Magic

Introducing Mindy, the Keeper of Magic!
She's harmless, really! The task was thrusted upon her at a young age as she discovered she had an aptitude for complex magic. She happily collects odds and ends from all over the world, regardless of whether they're imbued with good or otherwise. Don't ask about the accident of '06. The townsfolk have never let her live that down.

Weeks passed, and what was once a lonely journey with the occasional companion is now filled with constant chittering. Whether at times it's under your breath or to your faithful companion; it's a lot less quiet these days - and for the better! You glance over towards the creature that was once labeled as your mortal enemy, but for some odd reason, you just couldn't fathom it being one. Perhaps this is an anomaly or perhaps the dragonkind just had it wrong all along?

Whatever the reason, you have no regrets. A small smile creeps across your lips as you reach over to pet your familiar. It trills in return, leaning into your touch as it flutters its mechanical wings.

You encountered a wandering artificer a few days back, who also seemingly found the ichneumon nonthreatening and rather curious. The two of you banter back and forth, and a thought came to mind as you voiced your worries about other dragons potentially wanting to take its life. And thus a set of wings for your fuzzy friend came to being. It...perhaps isn't the best idea you've had, but for now, it works! You've received curious and confused glances, but none so much as a blood curdling scream and pointed claws. No pitchforks and torches - yet. And of course, it beats having to keep your newfound friend in a kennel or sack as you travel. 

The ichneumon, which you haven't quite yet settle on a name, zips all around you, sniffing the flowers, chasing smaller creatures, and catching prey. 

Though your journey is far from its end, you've already come quite a long way. The individuals met, the experiences gained, and the battles fought were all well-earned. You continue setting forth - as an adventurer, an explorer, a forever learner - into the unknown as your story continues to unravel one step at a time.

Looking to take home more goodies? Look no further, we've got some add-ons for you to snaz up your campaign or home life! 

Please note these are digital renderings of the acrylic miniature stands. The final version may vary in color or size depending on the designs itself.


Campaign Duration: September 15th - October 9th
Estimated Production Duration: ~2-3 months
Estimated Delivery: ~December 2023
Note: These are estimated timelines. Delays in production or delivery can occur. Should it happen, I will notify everyone on a new estimated delivery date.


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