Dread Minotaur of Dawnfell

Dread Minotaur of Dawnfell

A D&D 5e adventure of 40+ pages featuring Dawnfell, the city of labyrinths for a party of 4-6 characters of levels 3-5. Digital/VTT tabletop maps, combat cards, paper miniatures, and a GM friendly format are all included!
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A 5th Edition Fantasy Adventure

Get ready for an old school inspired 5e adventure with modern game play, traps, monsters, and a maze that will challenge all players. The friends (or enemies) you make and the encounters you have before the labyrinth will impact how you survive or die in Dawnfell.

An army of minotaurs march across the land bringing death and destruction in their wake. Dawnfell, a once prosperous city has been taken by the minotaurs and construction is well under way to transform the city into the ultimate tribute to their patron, Baphomet.

Will you brave the city of labyrinths, its denizens, and minotaurs to win Baphomet's horn, the one item that can stop this wicked army? Will the NPCs and hirelings you meet grant you a boon or a bane if you choose to take them into Dawnfell? Will you save the people of Dawnfell from their terrible fate?

This 5e labyrinthian adventure is for a party of 4-6 players of levels 3-5 spanning several game sessions. We have created an adventure that introduces your characters to encounters that will challenge them with exploration, combat, and social encounters. Dread Minotaur of Dawnfell includes new maps, magic items, monsters, and art! Our adventures are written in a GM friendly format, and include combat cards, paper miniatures, maps and more. Read the adventure and then run it at-a-glance.


Example of Interior Pages

Will the heroes make a purchase from Zibbernock the Bargainmaster, a goblin merchant in the city of labyrinths? Will they bail out the prisoner from the local village jail and accept his help as a hireling? Or encounter the tikbalang or fire yak?!! We have random encounter tables and so many more unique encounters, NPCs, and monsters packed into this creative and one-of-a-kind 5th edition adventure!
Example of interior pages. More original art is currently being created for this book!

Campaign Preview


Dread Minotaur Physical Miniature

Strike fear into your players when you place the Dread Minotaur miniature on your table. Standing at 4" tall this miniature works well whether you use 28 mm or 32 mm miniatures at your game table. It is made with high quality resin, comes in grey, and is  unpainted. Comes with a 2" diameter plain grey base. The physical miniature is available in the ALL IN tier or as an Add On.

Dread Minotaur model created by Gabriel J Spangler.


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Labyrinth of the Dread Minotaur T-Shirt

100% cotton t-shirt available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Labyrinth of the Dread Minotaur art by Gabe Degel.

5e Adventure Add Ons Available

Our books are 8.5"x11" and have premium full color pages. Each index has maps, monsters, magic items, and combat cards to make running your game session easy. Our digital content for these adventures includes, the pdf, combat cards, digital/VTT maps, and printer friendly versions of the pdf and combat cards.

It Came from the Cellar! 5e Adventure

This horror adventure features new artwork, monsters, NPC's, magic items, and more! Includes the drop in village of Duskmire (or use your own village).
It all started when chickens, dogs, and cats started going missing in the night.  At the Dragon Skull tavern a barmaid disappeared when fetching a cask of wine from the cellar. A monstrous predator stalks from the shadows and the village is in desperate need of heroes.
Will the adventurers discover what is destroying the crops at a nearby farm? Will the heroes investigate the cellar where the barmaid disappeared? Will the explorers discover the network of tunnels that mysteriously appeared below the village? Will they discover the origin of the Giant Ratipede?
It Came from the Cellar is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of level 1-3 and lasts 3-6 hours. This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting. It includes random village encounters that are sure to engage any new or veteran adventurer.

Bandits of Siege Tower/Azkarr's Prison

The Bandits of Siege Tower

This is not your average clear the bandit camp adventure! 
Bandits have been terrorizing the roads, before our heroes can clear out the bandit camp they must pass through the haunted ruins of castle Valamar. 
At the bandit camp an old fortified siege tower looms over it and the undead roam freely. Will the heroes survive the bandit's attack from the fortified siege tower and the undead? Will the heroes survive exploring inside the fortress that was once a siege tower? Will they be able to stop the necromancer who leads the bandits... and her demon?
The Bandits of Siege Tower is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of level 3 or 4 and lasts 5-9 hours. This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting and serve as a follow up adventure to The Trouble with Gnolls.

Azkarr's Prison

A group of archaeologists have disappeared while excavating an ancient temple. While searching the temple for the archeologists, the adventurers discover the ancient temple is the prison of Azkarr, an ancient demon.  Azkarr seeks their help to escape. Will the heroes aid him or vanquish him for good? 
Azkarr's Prison is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of level 3 or 4 and lasts 3-4 hours. This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting.

The Trouble with Gnolls 5e Adventure

The Trouble with Gnolls

Retired adventurer, Willem Byford built his farm house over a cavern thinking a big basement would be great to stash his lifetime collection of treasures. Little did he know that the shrine he found deep in the cavern belonged to Yeenoghu, demon deity of the gnolls. Now he has troubles...gnoll troubles.
The Trouble with Gnolls is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of level 3 or 4 and lasts 3 to 6 hours. This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting.



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