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Project Update: REFRACTIONS - Released to Backers + Backer-Exclusive Content

Hi everyone!

Refractions is here!

[Edit: you can check out a few samples here:]

Have you ever felt lost, broken, or rejected? Our latest album reaches back into the past to find old, forgotten, and "broken" songs to polish them up and make them "beautiful". The work spans over a decade of effort.

After more than a year of polishing and updating, this "small" project has grown into something massive, with efforts from more than 80 people (it may be closer to 100) world-wide, and it includes the incomparable talents of such performers as:

Judy Kang (resident cellist for Celine Dion)
Stroma FilmWorks (New Zealand orchestra comprised of performers from prestigious groups such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra)
Olivia Foa'i (singer on Disney's Moana)
... and many others


Backer-Exclusive Content

Because this album is meant to show you our rough edges, we have included a special look-behind-the-curtain. As an additional download for Refractions backers only, we are sending you Refractions Origins, a collection of the "original" tracks from which Refractions was born - the broken tracks (as many of them as we are able to share.) Some of these are snippets; many are unmixed reference tracks sent to creative directors during the process.

For those who haven't pledged for a copy of Refractions, but would like to, we've re-opened the "pre-order" store. Simply head to the campaign page (, click "Pre-Order Now!", find Refractions in the list, add to cart, and place your order.

Wider Release

We don't have a date yet for a wider release of Refractions. We are currently targeting May 2024, but we have a few things to work out first before fully committing to a date.

We also don't yet have any details on which, if any, platforms we will release it on. We will have it available for sale (at a higher price) on our website - at which point the "pre-order store" will be closed again. but beyond that stay tuned for updates.

Digital Downloads (important info for backers!)

Refractions has been broken up into several zip files. If you have ordered Refractions, you should get an email that directs you how to access your content and how to open the multipart zip files provided. (There are 5 zip files for the Refractions WAV format and 3 zip files for Refractions Origins.)

If you cannot find the instructions or have any trouble with the downloads - let us know!

As always, let us know if you have any comments or questions or just want to share some love!

All the best,
Michael & The Team @ The Black Piper
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